The Northern Mariana Islands, a United States territory, is located between Japan, Philippines, and Palau. These islands are in the Micronesian region, with Saipan, Tinian, Pagan, and Rota being the bigger and important islands.

Northern islands such as Maug, Farallion de Paharos, and Asuncion are all volcanic in nature. And the southern islands, such as Rota, Tinian, and Saipan have vibrant coral reefs.

Things To Do In Northern Mariana Islands

In the southern islands, the water has a treasure house of coral reefs. That is why the primary objective of tourists traveling to the Northern Mariana Islands is to scuba dive. If you go deep enough- there are shipwrecks beneath the water from World War II.

In Tinian, there are gambling bars to engage you. In the northern part of the Saipian Island, many memorials of Japanese soldiers exist. These memorials are in memory of those brave soldiers who preferred death over defeat by the enemies and jumped into the ocean.

How To Get Here

Saipan is the International Airport in the Northern Mariana Islands; it supports direct flights from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Travelers from the US first need to land in Guam and then take connecting flights from Guam to Saipan.

No ferries run to the islands. But to travel between islands such as Saipian and Rota, there are several small flights that operate each day.

Best Time To Visit

The tropical marine type climate generally has, two seasons-the dry and the rainy. In the Northern Mariana Islands, the rainy season starts from July and lasts till October.

In August and September, severe Typhoons and Hurricanes occur.

We advise you visit in the dry months of December – June, during this time there is a little hike in temperature, and there are no hurricanes or typhoons to bother you.

Type Of Electricity

The standard voltage used in the Northern Mariana Islands is 120 V. Therefore all appliances working on higher voltage need a converter. The sockets are of Type A (Two flat pins) and Type B (three flat pins).

A travel adapter fitting the sockets (Plug A) helps you to use your appliances with a different type of plug.

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