The Federated States of Micronesia (or simply Micronesia) are a group of 607 small islands that are in free association with the United States located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Other popular Pacific Island members are the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, the Marshall Islands, and Northern Mariana Islands.


There is an Island Hopper flight every day which stops one hour at each island. It is easy to get to any popular island in Micronesia if you want.

If you traveling from North AmericaHonolulu (Hawaii) to Micronesia is the best idea and if you are flying from Asia, Guam is your best choice.

There are also trading ships that transfer goods among islands. You can take the boats and arrive at the well-known Ports in the Federated States of Micronesia, such as Yap, Chuuk, and Pohnpei.


The weather all the year round is rainy. And the eastern islands Typhoons are a common occurrence. Avoid the months of June to December because it is the troublesome typhoon season. For rest of the year there is rainfall but pack accordingly, so the rain does not affect your traveling.


Away from the shor of the city, these islands are an exotic chunk of land which has much pristine beauty. Enjoy the remote beauty of the Kosrae islands, just be a part of the traditional culture. In Yap the traditional marketplaces, you need the stone money for the transaction. And the clear waters of Chuuk make an excellent diving location. There are mountainous as well as volcanic islands that give you a chance to hike.

Federated_States of Micronesia landscape


Like its neighbors, the FSM uses Type A and Type B sockets. The Type A has two flat pins and fits with Plug A only. And the Type B with three flat pins works with Plug B as well as plug A. Bring a travel adapter which fits the both the sockets (an adapter with plug A). And the Standard voltage is 120 V, bring a converter with you if your appliances work on high voltage.

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