London seems to be on the top of every traveler’s must-go list. It is a World City and a center of culture, economy, and history. Many just dream of visiting the city, wanting just a glimpse of Buckingham Palace or The Tower of London. The gloomy and overcast weather here tends to add the signature feel of London.

You can walk along boroughs and view trendy bars, chic boutiques, and historical landmarks. This glorious city has overcome plague, invasion, and fire. Nothing has been able to destroy it.

Greater London is the area of Central London in the lower Thames valley. It has 32 boroughs which are under it. The major ones are Bloomsbury, which boasts the British museum, plenty of literary history and University of London and Convent Garden, the theater district with shopping opportunities. Leicester square is where you will find both Piccadilly circus and the vibrant community Chinatown.

If you’ve seen Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts, you may want to pop into this neighborhood. There you can see a colorful market and friendly people. Soho is the fashion vista of the city. It has glamorous nightclubs and music bars for your entertainment. South Kensington and Chelsea both have many landmarks, like King’s road and Hyde park.

The City of London is the definition of balance, between the modern and medieval architecture. You will remember your time in the most developed part of the city.

The Paddington – Maida Vale region has comfortable hotel options. South Bank has the London Eye, where you can have a panoramic view of the city.

Westminster is a class of its own, with Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster as fine examples of historical sights. The Inner Boroughs include Camden, a quaint English town, Greenwich, with the Greenwich meridian, Hammersmith and Fulham, the center of operations of the BBC and Wandsworth, which has plenty of open parks.

Hampstead, Lampbeth, and Hackney are Bohemian, Caribbean and in Vogue respectively. The East End is the television and movie hub with numerous cafes. The outer boroughs in the north are the prior counties of Hertfordshire and Middlesex. On the south, you can find green boroughs under Kent and Surrey. The eastern boroughs are in Upper Thames area with a huge shopping complex to sate your inner shopaholic.

The medieval region of the city is in this region. It is also home to major airport of Heathrow.

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