The largest museum in the world was not built in a day. In fact, it took two and a half centuries for the British Museum to become what it is today. Nowadays, tokens of history from every corner of the world have found their home in the grandiose Museum.


The sheer amount of facts and artifacts in this museum can be overwhelming at times. We recommend that you create a short list of some important structures that interest you.

For example, the Elgin Marbles of Parthenon, Colossal Horse of Halikarnassos, or the Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs in room 59 are just some of the wonders that await you.

Clarence’s Truck Ring may not be old, but it has a lot of cultural significance. On the other hand, in room 56 there is a helmet which has been the home of the crushed skull of a soldier for the last 4,500 years.


Arriving in London is no big deal for the international traveler. Once you are in London, then you have a variety of options to get to the museum. If you want to get there by car, then you can park near Bloomsbury Square Car Park. For those who prefer railways, Euston Station and St. Pancras are just minutes away from the museum.

Also, underground stations, like Tottenham Court Road tube station, can get you there. For general information about how to get around London, follow the link.


The weather in London is gloomy most of the time. So no matter the month, you will fight off the drizzle. However, you are in luck because visiting the British Museum is not something that depends on the weather.

You can visit the museum at any time of the year except on New Year Eve and Day, Christmas and Easter. The rest of the days of the year the museum is open from 10 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. Plus, admission to the museum is free.

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