There is a common misconception about Big Ben that may surprise you. Want a hint? Located inside the House of Parliament in London, Big Ben is not as old as the Parliament House building.

Now time for the surprise, the “Clock” most often associated with Big Ben is not actually Big Ben. The 13-ton bell found inside the clock is Big Ben; named after the bureaucrat Sir Benjamin Hall.

Things To Do

You can see the 4-meter long needle ticking but alas you cannot get inside the tower. The commoners of London can go inside the tower by putting in a request to their MP (Member of Parliament). Whereas, visitors from other countries can only see it from the outside. Despite that, the House of Parliament is open to visitors. If you have time, go for it.

How To Get Here

Several trains connect Big Ben from Waterloo Station and Westminster. However, if you are in London for a sightseeing trip, Big Ben is within walking distance of many tourist attractions. Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the House of Parliament are all nearby.

Best Time To Visit

London experiences periodic drizzles during most times of the year. Thus, whenever you are in London is a fine time to visit Big Ben. Tourists from around the globe visit Big Ben to view the final countdown of the year on New Year’s Eve.

Where To Stay

If you stay in a cottage-style home, then your London visit will have a countryside comfort. Otherwise, the Royal Houseguards is the nearest hotel to Big Ben.

Park Plaza County Hall is also nearby but it is more costly. There are also cheap hostels near Big Ben area, where you can crash for the night without burning a hole in your wallet.

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