Jamaica is located in the Caribbean. It is not a safe place to visit right because of the Zika virus. When you do get a chance to go, the country has a rich biodiversity which needs to be seen. It is a widely populated with many East Indians and Lebanese people. The country used to have dense forests, but after the Spanish settled, an enormous amount of trees were cut.

The eastern part of the country has the capital, Kingston. On the west, you can find Westmoreland and Saint Elizabeth. In the central part of Jamaica or the Middlesex region, there are Manchester, Saint Mary, and Clarendon. Kingston might be the capital, but the modern atmosphere does not end with this city. The country also has Negril, Morant Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Falmouth as examples of modern cities.

Natural attractions include the Nassau Valley, Black River, and the Blue Mountains. You can climb to Dunn’s River Falls. There are many adventure activities like hiking, swimming, jet skiing, horseback riding to do in Jamaica.

Trains are not an option you should choose in Jamaica. They are not efficient and have poor connectivity, whereas you can use buses, which are cheap and faster. There are two types of taxis: local and tourist. But if you take a local taxi, it will be considerably cheaper ( USD 1).

Jamaicans speak English or English Creole, known as Patois. Sometimes, they have an accent which is hard to understand. Foreigners will have a bit of trouble knowing what they are saying. 

One USD is equal to 122 Jamaican dollars. Many places accept the US Dollar. Local shops will not. That is why you need to make sure that you exchange a large amount of money. Exchange facilities are available at airports, hotels, cruise ports and commercial banks. Hold onto receipts when changing money as the black market exchange is illegal. All major credit cards are acceptable and ATMs are available widely. Because of the luxurious beaches, resorts here are swanky. As you probably know, swanky resorts can cost a pretty penny.

Taxis are multiple and easy to find. They generally have meters, but you should still agree upon the price, before the ride. Car hire is also available in major towns, hotels, and airports and most offer unlimited mileage. Drivers need to be over 25 years old, provide a valid drivers license and a credit card. Cars drive on the left side of the road here. And roads are in a reasonable condition. 

In Jamaica, they use electric sockets of types A and B, as in the USA. The standard voltage is 110V.

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