Haiti’ s official name is the Republic of Haiti. It is located in North America. The whole country is based on one island named Hispaniola, which is situated in the Caribbean regionThe Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti, which occupies an area of 27,750 square kilometers. The country’s population is 10.6 million people. Columbus first landed in Haiti, where he discovered the North American Continent. He thought that it had to be India.

The people of Haiti are Haitians. There isn’t much ethnic diversity since 95% of the population is black. The other 5% of the people are Mulatto or white. The two official languages of the country are French and Haitian Creole.

The currency of Haiti is Haitian Gourde. US currency is also in use. Credit cards are widely acceptable. One local bank chain has ATMs in Port-au-Prince, but they are frequently out of order. 

Taxis are available in Port-au-Prince. Also, you can hire a car in Port-au-Prince, Pétionville and at the airport. You can also do it via hotel. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. Main roads are fairly decent, but in remote areas, they are much worse. 

In Haiti, they use electric sockets of types A and B. The standard voltage is 110V. So, you don’t need to bring an adapter, if you are coming from the USA

The country’s culture is unique, especially when compared to others in the region. The culture here is a mix of African and French cultures, which contrast with each other. The art here is very distinctive, while the music follows a traditional Caribbean touch.

The tourist industry in Haiti is one of the main sources of revenue. Around a million visitors come to the island annually. The country has its reputation as an attractive tourist destination. It offers travelers a favorable climate, second longest coastline and the most mountainous ranges in the Caribbean region. There are also waterfalls, underground caves, colonial architecture and rich cultural history, which attract numerous tourists. However, the unstable political situation has been slowing the economic development of Haiti during the 20th century.

The most popular tourist destinations include Port-au-Prince, Pétionville, Les Cayes, Cap-Haïtien, Jacmel, Camp-Perrin, Pic Macaya and Île-à-Vache. Also, the Haitian Carnival is one of the most famous carnivals in the Caribbean and attracts many visitors. The National Carnival is usually held in one of the large cities of the island and follows another popular Jacmel Carnival, which takes place a week earlier.

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