Andorra is a small landlocked country located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains. It is in Southwestern Europe. Both Spain and France make up its borders.

The country charter dates back to as early as A.D. 988. It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe, with a population of 85,000 and a land area of 468 square kilometers.

Although Andorra is not a member of the European Union, Euro is still an official currency there. You can exchange your US Dollars at banks and bureaus de change. All major credit cards are accepted and ATMs are available widely. 

In Andorra, they use electric sockets of type F. However, C and E plugs are also acceptable. The standard voltage is 230V.

Taxis in Andorra are multiple. Also, car hire is available from international and local companies. Road condition is reasonable and cars drive on the right here. 

An official language is Catalan, and the government actively encourages the citizens to use it. However, due to intense immigration and geographical closeness, French, Spanish and Portuguese are also widely spoken in the country. People, working in the tourism industry, are also able to speak and understand English, although they are in minority. 

A significant portion of the country’s economy comes from tourism. An estimated 9 million visitors every year both take advantage of Andorra’s duty-free status and haunt the various beautiful ski resorts. Andorran ski schools have come among the largest in Europe. Also, the country is famous for its gentle slopes, ideal for beginners, families with kids, elder people, and so on. These facts attract ski tourists to Andorra from France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as many other European countries.

However, with the growth of France and Spain’s economies in recent years, Andorra’s status as a favorite tourist destination has become challenged. The availability of a wider array of goods and lower tariffs in neighboring countries are mostly to blame.

Nonetheless, the country remains a must-visit destination for tourists and travelers looking for a relaxing escapade and exciting cultural experience. Andorran primary culture is Catalan, which gives it its uniqueness and attraction. The country is a home for such folk dances as the contrapas, the marratxa, and the sardana, accompanied by Catalan music, which are definitely worth seeing.

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