Can you travel with an old expired passport containing a valid Travel Visa along with a new passport but no Visa? This is a very common question.

Although the answer is simple, there is still confusion around several “what-if” scenarios. Let me try to address all of these concerns in a short, concise paragraph that is easy to read and understand.

Valid Visa On Expired Passport

Individuals with a valid visa on their expired (old) passport may still use that visa by carrying both the old and new passport when they travel. The new passport must be valid and not damaged, of course.

To be on the safe side, the visa on your old passport must have three months of validity left, although it is not required in most cases.

Also, please ensure that the visa you have is an appropriate type of visa required for your principal purpose of travel.

Old Visa Transfer to New Passport

You cannot transfer an old visa from one passport to another. Doing so will require you to apply for a new visa stamp on your newer passport.

If you are just going to travel to a destination for which you already have a valid travel visa, you do not need to worry. Just carry both passports. It is not an uncommon situation. 

New Passport New Visa

You can choose to apply for a new visa in the new passport. In such a case, all normal fees and application procedures would be similar to the process for a first-time applicant. So, if it makes sense for you to do so, apply for a new visa.

But note, in that case, your old visa in your old passport will be canceled before issuing the new visa. So, you are not really gaining anything.

Why not apply for a new passport when your current passport is almost 6-8 months away from expiration? Let’s keep the paperwork to the minimum. Let’s focus more on travel and (hopefully) less on travel visas.

Hope this helps! Happy travels!

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