Lovebirds are meant to be flying. This Valentine’s Day you need not sit and brood, landlocked, because you cannot afford to travel. Instead, take to the skies with your partner. A simple change of plans and you can be on your way to one of these affordable and fun destinations.


During February, Portland always freezes no matter what. So when you decide to indulge in the romance of this funky city, pack warm clothes with you. Although, you can always just share body heat with your partner. During the early months of the year, the hotel prices are low, since this is the off-season. The airfare, as well as the hotel rooms, are up for grab at dream prices. After reaching your destination, stroll hand in hand through the Arts District or window shop at East End. Portland is a river side city, that lies along the Columbia River. Conseqeuntly, a visit to Portland is not complete without a glimpse of the Old Port where you can surf the designer shops or buy a surfboard as a memento.



As the former capital of the U.S. – Phily is not just a home base for history buffs but also a home for lovers. There are several different types of love in our world, ranging from the love of a partner to the love of family. Philadelphia has been called the “city of brotherly love,” and it continues to enchant all those who feel love within its boundaries. Lovers find their home in the city at ‘Love Park.’ For many couples, ogling the large “Love Sculpture” in the park has made it to their bucket list. Philadelphia is not only a city of love but also one of history. The city preserves American history in art galleries and museums such as the Philadephia Museum of Art and the Mutter Museum. Plus, if you both are foodies, there is an array of delicious food to try in the Reading Terminal Market.



For many couples, quiet time to themselves during a romantic vacation is a must. If that is your goal, busy tourist destinations are not the place to travel. If you are one of those couples who are seeking peace, consider visiting Columbus, Ohio for your quiet getaway. There is nothing better than exploring a laid back city with your partner. Discover the quirky art galleries in Short North Arts District or have a look at the murals throughout the city. Top it off with a show at the Newport Music Hall. Plus, there are several microbreweries which boast an excellent collection of craft beers.  Try Bodega which has 150 kinds of beers!



Cuddling with your partner is just the medicine you will need to combat Montreal’s cold, February weather. What better way to fire up your romance than cuddling beside a fireplace? You never know when things will get hotter. To encourage the romance, we recommned you stay in one of the hotels overlooking Park Mont Royal. With the glittering ice, the friendly people and the never-ending hot chocolate, Montreal establishes a perfect atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. If Maple syrup is your thing, get psyched up to sample some of the highest quality Maple syrups in Canada at the Sugar Shack in Montreal. Aside from the syrups, the Atwater Market boasts a variety of gourmet cheese.


Located just 80 miles from New York City, the tiny village of Paltz has a lot to offer. Whether it is hiking along the Shawangunk Ridge or sipping decadent hot chocolate, anything you do here brings you two closer. The primary cost when visiting Paltz is the lodging. However, you can trim the price back by staying at a Love Shack for just $75. So cuddle up near the warm furnace and reinvigorate your romance.

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