Traveling alone is an exhilarating experience. It teaches you so much and you discover and develop yourself while you’re at it as well.

When I started solo traveling for the very first time, I had all sorts of experiences but one thing I had trouble in particular with was taking pictures of myself! There were so many shots of amazing and scenic views and all sorts of interesting things on my camera but I was in hardly any of those pictures.

I bet all of you solo-travelers out there must have encountered this issue at some point during your travels. If you have, you are not alone.

How to Take Great Photos of Yourself While Traveling Solo

I used to ask strangers to take pictures once in a while but those rarely ever turned out nice as well! So I decided to work through this issue, and below are the seven simple yet effective solutions I have discovered.

1. Invest in a Portable Tripod

tripod camera tips to take picture of yourself while traveling alone

You can carry a portable tripod anywhere with you and it takes very stead pictures with the perfect focus. Just set it up near a spot you want to capture, adjust the focus, go in front of the camera with the view behind you and there you have it, the perfect picture!

2. Purchase a Camera Remote Control

It is commonplace to run behind a camera after setting up a timer and quickly deciding on a pose, but if it doesn’t turn out well the first time it becomes a massive pain to take pictures over and over again.

If you have a wireless remote control, you can simply click a button and take a snap wherever you are. The distance the camera works on pretty high and you don’t need to run and hold a pose every few seconds.

3. Learn About the Best Photo Angles

slefie Ways to Take Great Photos of Yourself While Traveling Alone

Learn about using angles to make your photos look better. Know what your “good side” is and really flaunt it when you are having pictures taken of yourself!

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4. Use the Rule of Thirds

Ways to Take Great Photos of Yourself While Traveling Alone

The rule of thirds will help you in deciding the perfect spot for you to be in the picture. You just need to switch on the grid function on your camera and make sure you are somewhere between the central focus.

5. Blend in With the View Whenever You Can

Ways to Take Great Photos of Yourself While Traveling Alone

A lovely view behind you in a picture is definitely a great idea. But at times it fails in comparison to how amazing a photo looks when you are trying to be a part of it while you’re at it as well.

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6. Be Creative with Selfies and Mirror Pictures

Ways to Take Great Photos of Yourself While Traveling Alone

Don’t just include your face in a selfie. If you find that the place has a nice view, try to capture a large chunk of it within your selfie instead.

7. Your Face doesn’t have to Show Up

Ways to Take Great Photos of Yourself While Traveling Alone

You don’t have to make sure you show up in every photo. In some pictures, you can take pictures of some parts of you so you can get some validation and a way to kill time as well. Take a picture of your hand holding the notice board as fool as well.

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