Tokyo mirrors the dawn of the post-modern world. Here you can indulge in age-old Japanese Culture and hit a swanky bar in the same evening. As a tourist, it’s hard to traverse the sheer geographical area of the city. Due to its size, the city has diversity in landscapes, spanning from rolling mountains to vibrant islands.

Districts and Wards

Districts are larger sections of the city. While wards are smaller sections within a district. The city of Tokyo has eight districts that comprise the metropolitan area of the city. Each of the eight districts surrounds the Imperial Palace.

Chuo is where you can buy premium fresh seafood at Tsukiji market. Minato district has the modernized and urban Shiodome ward. In addition, Minato has commercial/residential centers Akasaka and Shinbashi. Plus, Minato district is home to the hub of nightclubs, Roppongi. Shinagawa is a special ward of the city, which houses several embassies. Also, Gotanda is a business center in Shinagawa ward.

The city has extensive train networks. For example, Toshima is both a ward of the city and a major train/commuter hub servicing just shy of 400,000 people per day. Shinjuku gives you a glimpse of modern Tokyo. Red lanterns dangle from restaurants and music blares from nightclubs, the atmosphere in Shinjuku is electric.

Shibuya district has Ebisu and Harajuku wards, which are famous for their elegant shopping centers and dining. Chiyoda is the heaven of central Tokyo. The administrative power’s headquarters are in Chiyoda. Consequently, it holds political significance. Akihabara resides within Chiyoda district and houses a fantastic electronics market that will make anyone into a gadget guru.

Old Tokyo has Koto, a growing residential district, Arakawa, Bunkyo, and Sumida, a popular Sumo arena. Plus, Old Tokyo has Taito which is known for its ancient temples and museums. Furthermore, the eastern suburbs are well-known for the trio of temples- Katsushika, Nishi- Aria and Daishi.

The Northern region is covered with greenery or farmlands. Setagaya, in the west, is home to classy buildings and high-class people. Other suburbs include Nakano, Suginami, and Ota.

Getting Around:

Narita Airport, an international airport in Japan, flies into Tokyo. Thus, you will be able to book a connecting flight to Tokyo if you fly into Narita. The public transit system is efficient and cheap throughout the city. Therefore, it is better for you to avoid renting cars. Plus, the city is safe; you can walk around the streets and soak in the ambiance of the city. If you want to ogle the waterfront scene of Sumida River, then you can take a Ferry.

There is an unending list of must-dos for Tokyo. You can have fun at the theme park – Disneyland. Or, take a day to watch the classic movies at Ghibli Studios museum. How can you not be elated by the culinary expertise of Tokyo? Discover delicious restaurants everywhere you go. How about a walk across the Imperial East Gardens, sound refreshing?

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