San Marino is a small but intriguing country. The country resides within the Italian Peninsula alongside the northeastern edge of the Apennine Mountains. Italy surrounds this microstate on all sides.

San Marino boasts 24 square miles of cliff top living and dizzying views. The Republic of San Marino is the third smallest state in Europe, and of the world’s 196 independent states it is the fifth smallest.

This predominantly Catholic country has a population of nearly 33,000, with 4,800 foreigners, while 12,000 Sammarinese live overseas. The official language is Italian. English is spoken by people in tourist service. However, most of the population doesn’t speak this language.

Although San Marino may be small, the country is the oldest republic in the world. History tells that a Christian stonemason named Marinus founded the country in 301 AD. 

Tourism is quite important to the economy of San Marino, as is the case for many small and beautiful nations. The tourism industry contributes more than 2.2 percent to San Marino’s GDP.

The country’s currency is Euro. Foreign currencies and traveler’s cheques exchange is available at banks, airports, railway stations and major hotels in Italy. Major credit cards are accepted in most facilities and ATMs are available in both San Marino and Italy.

You can hire a car in Italy, where there is a wide choice. If you want to get the best price, book online in advance. In San Marino, cars drive on the right side of the road.

As for electricity, San Marino uses types F and L sockets. You need to bring a travel adapter to fit the proper socket type. Check out the above-linked page to see the photos and other useful information. The standard voltage is 230 V.  Many of your devices may need a step-up transformer to match the electrical voltage.

The beauty and intrigue of this old Republic may even have health benefits. Citizens of San Marino have one of the highest life expectancies in the world!

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