The city of Medina of Fes prospered in the 13th and 14th century. After its initial rise to fame, it became a flourishing Moroccan city. This ancient city even became a UNESCO World Heritage site. Exploring the lost city holds a magical appeal for many tourists.


After reaching Morocco, you can take trains from almost anywhere to Fes. From Casablanca, it takes only 4.5 hours to reach Fes. CTM bus services will take you wherever you want. Book your tickets only if you plan your trip way ahead of time. Grande Taxis from the airports are another way to arrive in Fes. It is a good idea to negotiate the fare before you get in the car.


Visiting a developing country such as Morocco is an intense experience for those from developed countries. The crowd never dies, and the heat seldom cools. If your sole aim is to visit Medina of Fes, then visit during April-May or September-November. If the colorful festivals attract you to Morocco, summers are the peak tourist and festival season.


The dark alleys of Medina of Fes will make you feel like you are stepping into a time machine. Other than exploring the old gullies, take your time and visit the tanneries. Borj Nord, Chouara Tannery, and Fes-el-Bali reflect the raw beauty of Morocco’s past and present.


Budget hotels like Riad Verus, Dar Adam, and Riad Doha offer Wi-Fi services as well as guided tours of tourist destinations. Backpackers can sleep at the Hostelling International Youth Hostel in Serghini. There are many hotels near Medina of Fes, but it is dangerous if you do not arrive before dusk. Hotel Volubilis and Hotel Royal are other budget hotels that do not have Wi-Fi.


Morocco uses Type C and E sockets at hotels and houses. You may require a travel adapter to use the outlets. The standard voltage is 220 V, tourists from the U.S. will need a step-up transformer to match the voltage.

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