Lhasa is nestled between the heights of the Himalayas, with the Lhasa river winding through it. Its traditional Tibetan culture can be witnessed when the monks spin the prayer wheels. Most parts of the city are unspoiled. But on the west part of the city, you can see modernity creeping its way in. A sleek and urban infrastructure abounds in this place.

Lhasa Gonggar airport connects the city internationally with Kathmandu and domestically with Beijing, Shanghai and other popular cities.

Potala Palace

Your first stop when you are here is Potala Palace. It was built as a winter palace in 7th century. The sheer size of it is intimidating. A palace of fourteen floors is hard to explore on your own. You can take a tour guide with you to learn about the ancient relics and structure of the palace.

Jokhang temple was built around the same time as Potala Palace. It is home to Statue of Jowo Sakyamuni Buddha. This four-storeyed temple treasure holds many religious artifacts, which are on display.

Near the temple is Barkhor street. The vibrant street is filled with cries of vendors who exhibit their handicrafts. You can buy a memento representing your trip to Tibet.

Tibet is known to be home to Buddhist monks. The monasteries, train monks to be the next Dalai Lama. The Jokhang temple monastery, Sera Monastery, Drepung monastery are places where you feel the divine energy rippling around the place.

You can go to an amusement park in Lhasa if you are tired of turning the prayer wheels. The Blind massage provided at Clinic Lhasa is also a soothing alternative. An opera may sound like an entertaining option if you are in the mood for some swaying and humming.

A tour of the Tibet museum will teach you about the history of Tibet. The tourist spots are at a walking distance from each other.

But if you are tired, take cycle rickshaws. They are a fun way to get around.

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