Beijing overflows with residents. It has an incredibly dense population. And it’s easy to see why! It is the capital of China. Not only can you gaze at the majestic Great Wall of China, but also stroll along the Tiananmen Square. History here dates back over three thousand years! Uncover the past as you experience historical sites.

Xicheng is on the city’s western end. Here you can visit the diverse parks and zoos including both Beijing Zoo and Beihai Park. Haidian District is northwest. It is an educational hub as well as a technological haven. Chaoyang District is East. The Olympic games took place here.

Dongcheng District is a favorite among tourists. Both the famous Forbidden City and the world’s largest square are located here. The Drum Tower and Lama Temple are also famous attractions. Shijingshan is west of the city’s modern center. It is rich in natural beauty. The Western Hills also highlight its majestic beauty. Rural Beijing is the northern region of high mountains where the Great Wall passes.

Summers in Beijing can be oppressive. Autumn is the best time to visit. Winter is a marvelous time for travelers seeking snow. The cold months are not damp and can also be very pleasant for visitors.

The Great Wall of China is the most famous monument here. The National Stadium is also a celebrated structure. It is an architectural enigma. It is the shape of a bird’s nest and was built for the Olympic games in 2008. The Forbidden City gives you the illusion of stepping back in time. The glorious histories of both the Qing and Ming Dynasties still echo in the palace walls, also known as the Palace Museum.

China is quickly becoming a destination for contemporary art. Galleries are growing in number throughout Beijing. Both the Songzhuan Artist’s Village and the Dashanzi Art District are prime examples of the contemporary art scene celebrated in the city.

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