Shanghai is a juxtaposition of the modern and traditional. This Chinese metropolis is one of the mega-cities of the world, earning the title of Alpha Global City. Shanghai was a famous city until the start of the 20th century when it had a momentary downfall. Since the massive modernization of China starting in the 1970s, Shanghai has become a popular and major destination among tourists.

Getting Around

The Huangpu River divides Shanghai into regions. Similarly to New York City, each section of the city has a unique character. The east side is Pudong known for its modern style. To the west of Pudong is Puxi, a more traditional part of the city. Also, there is Changning, a residential area with lively entertainment options located northwest of Puxi. The Shanghai Zoo is in Changning. Also, Changning is the first district you will drive through after you land in Hongqiao international airport. There are excellent museums in Changning where you can enhance your knowledge of Chinese culture and history.

The Jing’an district is the oldest, yet it maintains a modern aesthetic. If you want to do some shopping, Yangpu on the north side is the perfect place for you. In addition to shopping, visit the Gongqing Forest Park in Yangpu. The Bund is an older area of the city. Recently, the Bund was renovated to be more modern. Event though it was recently updated, you can find several historical buildings in this section of the city.

Things To Do

French Concession is the upscale and classy neighborhood of Shanghai. You can go on a shopping spree or enjoy the sight of swanky mansions nearby.  The majority of tourist sites are in Huangpu, including the Underground Mall, the City Hall, the People’s Square, and the Shanghai Museum.

The Old City area exudes the traditional Chinese culture with wooden architecture lining the street. Also, it has the Yu Garden and the Huxingting Tea House which you can visit. Zhabei is the place where you can entertain yourself with a Chinese circus show.

The business scene in Pudong is electric. Consequently, it is called the commercial capital of the country. If cities are for you, then you will love the vibrant metropolitan atmosphere of Pudong.

Shanghai has various ethnicities. You can find Parisian as well as Baroque-style buildings. There is a ferry that connects the two parts of the city split by the Yangtze River. The beaches along the coast will treat you to a relaxing time on your visit.

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