Kyrgyzstan is a rare country to travel. It might be a Muslim-majority nation, but it is highly modern. It’s been twenty-five years since it was freed from the Russians.

Kyrgyzstan is full of natural beauty with variations. You can find alpine vegetations as well as exotic forests. The reason for the variation is the difference in climatic conditions. In the Tian shan area, you will find a polar climate hence the alpine landscape. In the Ferghana Valley, the climate is tropical with dense forests. The capital city Bishkek has a temperate climate.

Cities in Kyrgyzstan have pleasant places you can visit Kochkor can be a place from where you can start hiking to Tien Shan. Osh is another city with ancient ruins and great marketplace. Tokmok hosts the ruins of the silk road.

The enjoyable and comfortable way of getting around the country is bike trekking. The fantastic scenery and smooth roads make your ride memorable. You will feel like a vagabond. Flights connect the important cities. And buses are cheap to travel. But if you are willing to feel the essence of nomadic culture, you ought to become one.

English is not widely spoken in Kyrgyzstan. Locals know the language, but they do not use it. Instead Russian and Kyrgyz is spoken by the majority. You should learn some basic words before you visit it.

One Kyrgyz Som is equal to 0.01467 USD. The currency exchange is available at commercial banks and bureaux de change. US Dollar is the easiest currency to exchange. Some of the larger hotels and restaurants in Bishkek accept credit cards. ATMs exist, but they are not common. Staying in hotels can be expensive. But locals can rent out their spacious rooms to you at a low price.

Taxis are rather cheap, available in all towns and even small villages. However, many of them have no license and you should negotiate the price beforehand. Car hire is available at Bishkek airport but outside Bishkek, car hire is not easy to find. Also, foreigners are usually expected to pay in US Dollars. Roads are not is a really good condition. Cars drive on the right side of the road. 

In Kyrgyzstan, they use electric sockets of types C and F, as in Europe. The standard voltage is 220V.

The best way to feel the tradition is staying in a yurtadom. It is a traditional Kyrgyz tent of nomads. Their lifestyle here is based on meat eating habits. So, be ready to taste some lip- smacking cuisines with almonds and pistachios.

It might be recommended that you do not visit this country. But if you are smart you can enjoy your stay in the nomadic country. Women need to be careful as bride kidnapping is prevalent in this country. In a nutshell, Kyrgyzstan can be an abode for adventure seekers.

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