Kuwait is nestled between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. It has a strong economy. With its oil refineries, it is growing rich. It has been a busy hub for businesspeople. This small middle eastern country has come out of its doom days and is now shining.

Visiting Kuwait is going to be expensive. Because one Kuwaiti Dinar is three times of a dollar. All major credit cards are widely acceptable. Kuwait City is the bustling capital of the country. You can visit the other cities which are as good as Kuwait city. Janrah has got a historic vibe to it, Whereas Shalmiya is a beach town. You can do tons of sports activity here. You can enjoy the luxury of playing golf, you can feel like a king riding horse, you can dive into the cold water of swanky pools, you ca even do powerboating!The rich country of Kuwait offers you classy spas where you can pamper yourself.

You can get around in rental cars. You must have an international driving permit. The roads are smooth and connect all the important regions. Buses can also be used. Because they are very frequent. Taxis are also plentiful, but you should book in advance. Hailing taxis on the road is not advisable, particularly for females. However, petrol prices are lowest in the world. So when you get a chance, you should drive yourself around.

Staying at hotels can be expensive. And the prices to feed your stomach are over the top. Breakfast can cost you around $25. A day here can be $200. But it is only the hotel expenses. If you go out shopping, then you will swoon at the obnoxious prices. Petroleum might be cheap here, but Alcohol is banned. That is why there is little nightlife here. You can head to the malls and visit the restaurants. That is the standard way locals spend their night in Kuwait.

Kuwait is located near Saudi Arabia. Its culture is Arabic. Kuwaitis use Arabic to talk to each other. But if you know English you can get around pretty well. English is a common language taught in schools. Even the road signs have English directions. You will have zero problems getting around in Kuwait.

In Kuwait, they use electric sockets of type G, so take an adapter, if you are coming from the USA or Europe. The standard voltage is 240V. 

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