Kosovo might be a disputed territory, but it can be a charming country to visit. In the northwest side of Kosovo lies Serbia. This area has been disputed territory for a long time. Serbs think that the area belongs to central Serbia. In 2008, with the help of the UN & the UK, it was able to gain its independence.

It is surrounded by many countries so you will find a myriad of cultures in Kosovo. Bosniak, Serb, Albanian, Ashkalia, Turkish, Roma, these are all cultures that can be found here.

The majority of the population is Albanian. That is why Albanian is spoken in this country.  Serbian isn’t spoken here, even though some population is Serbian. Try not to speak Serbian, as you might get a hostile reaction.

The official currency is Euro. The currency exchange is available through official exchange offices. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are sometimes acceptable. ATMs are available in Pristina widely, but less in small towns and villages. 

In main cities, taxis are multiple and have meters. However, if the meter is not in use, you should negotiate the price. You can also hire a car at airports or large towns. Keep in mind, if you hire a car in Serbia, the company won’t allow you to go to Kosovo. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. However, the road quality is rather poor, especially in rural areas and during bad weather. Also, driving at night is not advisable. 

In Kosovo, they use electric sockets of types C and F, as almost everywhere in Europe. The standard voltage is 230V.

The climate here can be enjoyable, but the country has extreme temperatures. There are very hot summers and snowy winters. With this weather in mind, you can visit the hilly villages of Brod. Kacanik is another sweet town with an old palace that looks like it might have come straight out of someone’s dreams.

Peja is listed in the Heritage list of UNESCO. It is also a quaint town with the Historical heritage of the Patriarchate of Pec. Apart from refreshing small towns, Kosovo has some bustling cities too.

Prishtina is the capital city with Monastery of Gracanica (World Heritage site). Gjilan and Gjakova have an active nightlife, one of the best in Kosovo. Adventure seekers can go caving, hiking, skiing in the varied landscape of the country.

Brezovica offers you excellent skiing opportunities, whereas Hajla is a peak that you may want to conquer. The town of Gadime has a mysterious network of caves, which are an exciting spot to spend the night.

Buses can be the cheapest and efficient way to move from location to location. The network of buses is very intricate. Trains are free for locals. Tourists have to pay a minimal amount, and as such, these are the best option. Cabs are also good as long as you know where you are going.

Hotels can be pricey. But if you stop by for lunch in a village restaurant you can balance your budget. The food is delicious at a nominal price. You can have a bite of bread for just one Euro.

Kosovo is a delightful country to visit. The locals are friendly, and the landscape is gorgeous. Apart from hiking, skiing and caving, you can visit Heritage sites.

The mouthwateringly cheap food is another perk of traveling to this country.

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