Kazakhstan is a giant country. Located in central Asia, it occupies an area of 2724902 square kilometers. However, it isn’t the world’s most popular place. Many are tempted by the vast mystery of this nation.

You might enjoy visiting the historical sites or having a day at the hot sauna. The regions of the country vary in climate and tourist attractions. For example, the eastern part of Kazakhstan has a frozen scenery. This region is also known as Altai. To the north, you have several cities, including the capital Astana. The central part of the country is not very populated. Kazakh desert is in the south of the country and is a part of the silk road. The Caspian Sea is next to the western part of the country. There are also some beaches here. Apart from the new capital Astana, Almaty (former capital), Shymkent (mountain city), Atyrau (oil capital), Pavlodar  (architectural attractions) and Turkestan (Turkish history) are also popular cities to visit. 

A plane can take you between the major cities in no time. Trains are helpful as they cover a significant distance very quickly, something especially important in this mammoth country. Public buses can be tiring and crowded. Their schedules are not reliable. Taxis are a cheap way to move inside cities. Using Marshrutka (old vans) is a traditional way to get around in Kazakhstan.

Kazakh is not as widely spoken in the country as Russian. You need to learn either one of the languages before you set foot here. Only the young people know a little bit of English. Communicating can be difficult if you are not aware of the languages.

One USD is equal to 360.75 Tenge. The currency exchange is available at official bureaux. However, converting Tenge back into hard currency may be difficult. Large hotels, major shops, and restaurants accept credit cards. Also, there are some facilities for cash withdrawals in the country. 

The costs are getting higher here. Not only are the prices of foreign goods increasing, but also the train fares. Travel expenses will be high, but you can curb your spendings by choosing a cheap hotel. You can find a room for just four hundred Tenge.

Taxis are available in all cities. You should not use unofficial cabs, though, which are plentiful. If you want to hire a car, you can do it in Almaty, Astana and at the airports. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. However, roads are not in a very good condition. 

In Kazakhstan, they use electric sockets of types C and F, as in Europe. The standard voltage is 220V.

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