Karachi is the industrial hub of Pakistan that provides the economic boost to the country. It is the largest and the most populous city in Pakistan. It is also the fourth most populous urban city all around the world.

Karachi is the center of finance for the entire Pakistan. Karachi, also known as the city of lights, was used to be called the Paris of Asia until the British occupied the territory.

The cosmopolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi, borders with the Arabian Sea. It is the home to two of the Pakistan’s largest sea ports, Port Bin Qasim and Port of Karachi.

The other largest deep sea port Pakistan offers is the Port Gawadar in Gawadar, Baluchistan. These traits make Karachi the Transport Hub of Pakistan. 

Things To Do in Karachi

Karachi offers some beautiful tourist destinations. Tourists from all over the world visit Karachi which is evident from the fact that Karachi airport is the busiest in the country. The city offers various beaches, parks, monuments, museums, and national parks. Art and culture in the city are both rich and valuable. 

The other name of Karachi is the ‘City of Quaid’. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, also known as Quaid-e-Azam was born in Karachi and is buried there as well. As for the Residents, the Quaid’s burial place is a holy place to visit and pay tribute to his efforts in the journey of freedom from Britishers. Quaid’s Mausoleum is also known as the National Mausoleum and is a place of respect and a piece of art in Karachi.

Being a home to several cultures and ethnicities, Karachi offers a number of State and Private museums. The National Museum of Pakistan has preserved the struggle of Independence along with the display of history. It along with the Mohatta’s Palace is a public place for the display of artwork in Karachi. They provide State level platform to young artists to showcase their talents.

The residence of the Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah is also preserved and is made a national asset which is open to the visitors. The place is called Wazir Mansion. There are military museums as well that are open to the public and present the weapons, air crafts and military history to the visitors. They are Pakistan Maritime Museum and Pakistan Airforce Museum. 

Karachi is the home to cultures and is very liberal enough at the same time. This made Karachi another important city of Pakistan after Lahore in the presentation of culture and performing arts. The National Academy of Performing Arts offers diploma’s in classical music and contemporary theaters. This academy was formerly known as Hindu Gymkhana. It is also a home to youth-based professional talent hubs, acting as non-profit performing arts centers. They are the Thesplanz Theaters.

There are a number of huge and beautiful parks (bagh) in Karachi. The list includes Bagh Ibne Qasim, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Boat Basin Park, Hill Park, PAF Museum Park, Safari Park, and Maritime Museum Park. These parks are unique mini picnic spots and refreshing sites in the city. Karachi also offers a huge zoo called Karachi Zoo to its visitors.

The city, Karachi, being the on bordering with Arabian sea offers some beautiful beaches, Seaview, and Islands. The eight most beautiful beaches include French Beach, Sandspit Beach, Turtle Beach, Hawke’s Bay, Clifton Beach, Tushan Beach, Cape Mount and Paradise Point are the most uniquely beautiful spots and are all a must visit points. They are no less than the beautiful beaches of the World.

The beautiful islands include Clifton Oyster Rocks and the Monora Island. There is a Churna Island which is no less than a paradise, famous for the snorkeling, scuba diving, and other sports. The Bandal Island is under planning to be upgraded into a beautiful island city by Pakistani government and investors. The Hub Lake, which is around 60 km from Karachi, is also a beautiful place you must see.

The amazing architecture Karachi depicts belong to the Mughal and the British era while the rest is from the after independence days. The Frere Hall, Empress Market, Karachi Gymkhana, Mahatta Palace are a treat. While you will be fascinated at the sight of Jehangir Kothari Parade and St. Patricks Cathedral.

If you are interested in viewing the educational institutes of Karachi, Agha Khan University, Karachi University, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and Habib University are among a few, though the city offers a couple dozen more amazing institutes.

When to Go

The city has a Mediterranean climate as it borders with the sea. The climate of Karachiis arid with little precipitation. The winters are warm and the summers are hot. Like most of the country, almost all of the rain comes during the monsoon period. The city can be visited almost all the year through spring and autumn are going to be the ideal seasons. 

Avoid traveling during the summer season because of the recent heat waves.

What to Wear

The National dress of Pakistan is Shalwar Kameez and Dupatta, and it is being worn by the people there. However, Karachi is among the most liberal cities of Pakistan and jeans, t-shirts are a common norm both by the locals and the tourists. Mini-skirts and shorts are not the preference, while jeans and tops would work anywhere in Karachi and they are totally fine among the locals.


Karachi is a multicultural city and is a home to all the cultures in Pakistan. Cultural languages are spoken and understood here. However, Urdu is the National Language and common one used for communication.

Don’t get panic. English is being taught in Pakistan since grade 1 and everybody here can communicate in English.


The currency used in Karachi is the Pakistani Rupees, where 105.38 rupees is equal to 1 US dollar. This currency is valid all across Pakistan.

Free Wi-Fi & Local Sim Card

The Karachi Airport, good quality restaurants, malls, and hotels offer free Wi-Fi service. The local sim-card and 4G service providers include Jazz-Warid, Zong, while Ufone and Telenor provide 3G service.


Karachi is also a home to several cultural institutions, such as the National Academy of Performing Arts or Thespianz Theater. Kara Film Festival is an annual festival of Independent Pakistan and International films. Also, the All Pakistan Music Conference has been holding an annual music festival since 2004.

Local Cuisines

Biryani? Yes. Karachi Biryani is one famous dish all around the world. Boti Kabab, Sultani Dal, Chapati, Seekh Kabab, Qorma, Karahi, Awardhi Mutton Biryani are some of the favorites. While Karachi cuisine is incomplete if one does not mention Paan, Samosa, and Gola Ganda, Karachiaites cannot live without it, it is a staple.

Getting Around

Local transport, Uber, and Careem are available all across Karachi so getting around is not a big deal. You can hire a car and driver as well or can rent a car and drive all by yourself. However, getting around carrying expensive belongings is not recommended in Karachi, to be on the safe side and escape risk.

Right or Left Driving

The driving system followed in Karachi is the left driving system. If you are not used to of it, don’t drive and hire a driver as the roads are busy and traffic rules are not considered a big thing by major public transport drivers there.

Don’t Drive and Stay Safe 🙂

How many days for Karachi

The city though offers a lot but it can be viewed in 4 to 5 days. The tour can be managed with 1 day for beaches and one for island while the rest of the two or three days for the cultural and architectural sites.

How Safe is Karachi

Karachi had been among the dangerous cities of the world almost five years back. However, the crime rate has decreased greatly after the operation against criminals and extremists in 2013.

The Pakistani Rangers have de-rooted the criminal settings and have eradicated almost all of the criminals. There is more than 80% decrease in the crime rate of the city. Nevertheless, it is advised to avoid carrying expensive belongings while freely roaming around the city. Be careful in general (and follow common sense rules).

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