Idaho is the land of wilderness and the state motto is rightfully “Esto perpetua”
(Let it be perpetual). Its tranquil environment threaded with rocky mountains and whitewater rivers gives it a serene quality. Washington and Oregon are located to the west, whereas Montana and Wyoming are on the Eastern end of the state.

Things to do in Idaho

Drive up north to see the Rocky mountains. Or go south to see acres of rolling plains which are used for agriculture. Central Idaho has both The Craters of the Moon National Monument and The Preserve and Sun Valley, a resort city. The Eastern part of the state cradles famous Idaho Falls.

Boise is the ultra-modern capital of the state. Other cities that need to be mentioned are Moscow, an educational center, Coeur d’ Alene, a beautiful city, Shelley, Idaho Falls, an economic center and Sandpoint, an adventure sports destination.

There are many natural gems that you can explore in Idaho. You can go skiing in Sun Valley. Not only that, you can go snowboarding, camping and skijoring. The Craters of the Moon National Monument is a dangerously enchanting place. You can walk down the lava tubes.

City of Rocks National Reserve can be a thrilling place for adventure seekers. The boulders make it appropriate for climbing and hiking. Trail of the Coeur D’ Alenes can take you on an exciting bike ride. Whitewater rafting in Snake River is another adrenaline pumping activity you can do in Idaho. The unblemished areas of the state, help you enjoy quaint resort towns and hunting in graceful lakes.

Interesting tours of museums are offered here. Take Sierra Silver Mine Tour will take you to depths of mining districts. For a touch of gold, you can opt for Crystal Goldmine. Kellogg, Oasis Bordello Museum, Sunshine mine disaster memorial are quirky museums. One displays items made from scraps second gives you an highlight of gold mine, third gives you a glimpse of the mine disaster.

Getting around in the main cities of Idaho is just a cinch, but when you reach the remote areas, you can only take to driving. What better way to savor the scene, than driving down the beautiful wild road? Enjoy your trip!

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