Guinea-Bissau gained its independence from the Portuguese in the 1970s. Since then, it has been in chaos because its civil war has caused instability inside the country. The economy is showing no growth and that’s why you can’t see any progress there. But still, people expect to get ahead of the problems.

One West Africa CFA Franc is currently equal to 0.001707 USD. US Dollar in small denominations is the easiest currency to exchange. Credit cards are acceptable in Bissau and not so much outside of the capital. Guinea-Bissau is not going to harm your pockets much. Tourism is not widespread in this country, so don’t worry about being tricked or cheated. The crime is mostly confined to coastal areas, filled with drug dealers. The interiors are safe and filled with warm and friendly people.

There are local and long-distance taxis and buses. You can also hire a car, but this service is rare and rather expensive. Also, road quality is poor, as well as driving standards. Driving at night may be dangerous. Also, some roads are inaccessible during the rainy weather. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. 

In Guinea-Bissau, they use electric sockets of type C, as in Europe. The standard voltage is 220V. 

 It is surrounded by Guinea on the east and south. Guinea-Bissau has particular seasons around the year. During June it has its rainy season, but during December the whole country suffers from a drought. No matter when you go the temperature here will always be around 30 degrees centigrade.

Guinea-Bissau has an official language but Portuguese is used mostly for business purposes. Upper Guinea Creole, however, is the language that the locals use. If you know French, that can help you communicate with the locals.

Traveling around is easy in the toca-toca. There is no schedule for taxis. Drivers load them with passengers till they are stuffed. You can hire taxis inside the cities, or you can also use it to go to different towns. When you want to go to the islands, do not choose the Canoas. Opt for Modern boats. They might be expensive, but they are safe.

Bolama was the capital before Bissau. It has colonial sites which are of historical importance. Gabu is also a nice city if you want to spend some time in nightclubs. Bijagos islands is a must visit for nature lovers. The Boe sector is an unspoiled ground for camping and feasting on the beauty of nature. Varela shows just how luxurious Guinea-Bissau can get with an elegant Italian hotel, viewing the turquoise blue waters.

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