Gambia is located on the west of Africa. It is named so after the river that flows through its land. Much of the region near it is occupied by humans. The rest of the uninhabited area is open for adventure seekers to explore. Just like any other African country, it abounds in wildlife and forests. 

Gambia only has two regions; Upriver Gambia and Western Gambia. The western part of the country is situated near the river, whereas the upriver part is the untouched part of this country.

Visit it during the dry season if you can. The roads are easy to travel on during the winter. From November to May, there is very little rainfall, which makes it a lovely time to visit this country. Roads are a nightmare during the rainy season and rental cars are not very helpful on muddy roads. If you want to be completely independent during the trip, you can rent a car or a bike, since local taxis can be expensive. Yellow taxis are for locals and green taxis are for tourists. Green taxis can be relatively cheaper.

While knowing French can help when you are there, English is the official language of Gambia. So, if you have a problem getting around, ask a local. 

The official currency is Gambian Dalasi. One Gambian dalasi is equal to 0.02334 USD.The currency exchange is available at banks, bureaus de change and at the airport. Using credit cards is not common, although some hotels accept them if you arrange this option in advance. For other cases, it is better to have cash. Also, ATMs are available in large urban areas and at banks. 

There are both private and shared taxis in the country. Also, you can hire a car in Greater Banjul and in different resort areas. It is more common to rent a car with a driver for a long journey. Driving can be difficult here, due to various road conditions. Also, some roads are inaccessible during the rainy season. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. 

In Gambia, they use electric sockets of type G. The standard voltage is 230V. So, bring an adapter, if you are coming from the USA or from Europe

Getting around isn’t the only thing that’s pricey, staying hotels can also add up quickly. Game drives in natural reserves can cost a hefty amount too.

You should not just visit Banjul! You should also visit Gunjur, Lamin and Bakau. Since this is an African country, it has many natural reserves. This offers you the opportunity to have a different kind of experience. You can go near a crocodile and wave hello or watch the locals dance to their rhythm. The Makasutu Cultural Forest can be a delight to experience; especially since it is near the beaches. The Abuko Nature Reserve can help you get near the water predators; crocodiles.

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