Between Norway and Iceland lies a territory of Denmark called the Faroe Islands. Eighteen islands come together in the northwest region of Scotland. What a lovely location! Isn’t it?

Visitors love the greenery of Faroe during the summer months, and the proximity to the sea makes it all the more special.

Things To Do In Faroe Islands

In the largest island Streymoy, there is the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs. A boat tour takes you along the west coast of Streymoy where you see razorbills, puffins, kittiwakes, and fulmars.

Just a lonely fort in the middle of desert- Skansin fort is no grand Chateau. But it is worth half an hour visit. The islands abound in pub and cafés.

Café Karlsborg and Glitnir in Torshavn meet the harbourside scenery to make a cup of cappuccino memorable. The Foraya museum and gallery reflects the Faroese art and is just 3 km from Torshavn.

How To Get Here

On the island of Vágar, there is the one and only airport of Faroe Islands- Vága Floghavn. European Airports like Copenhagen, London, Edinburgh, Barcelona provide frequent flights to- Vága Floghavn.

This airport has a sub-sea tunnel connecting it to the largest island on Faroe The Streymoy. There are buses which run inside the islands.

Best Time To Visit

The summers have an average if 11 degree Celsius whereas winters are a low 3 degree Celsius. There is no problem to visit in any season, because in summer the air is fresh, and in winter the harbors do not freeze.

But the climate is unpredictable, it can go from sunny to foggy, to drizzly. Pack accordingly. May to September is the tourist season; some attractions are closed during other time of the year.

Electricity & Plug Type

Faroe Island uses sockets Type F( two round pins) and Type K (Three round pins). Plug C, E, F work with both the sockets. And the standard voltage is 230 V, a converter is a must for those traveling from countries using lower voltage appliances.

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