Calgary is the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It sprawls from the Prairies to the bed of the Rocky Mountains. Until 1988, it attracted little attention. However, when the city was hosting the Winter Olympics, the whole world was able to see its potential. Its development has been overwhelming, especially considering it has only been 100 years since it began.

Visitors will enjoy exploring the various neighborhoods. Bridgeland is one of the most popular and has an Italian vibe. The city has been renovated to make it a luxury destination. Sleek buildings, elegant shops, and perfect planning also make it flawless. Both the Calgary Zoo and Spark Science Center are tourist hubs. Forest Lawn International Avenue is where nights come alive. Here, you can sample Lebanese and Vietnamese gourmet restaurants. McKenzie is a southeastern suburb. This quaint part of the city has a celebrated view. Also, Spruce Meadows is just a drive away from here.

Calgary is ethnically diverse. Italian, Lebanese and Vietnamese cultures are all present. The Mission District oozes French culture. Like Paris, it boasts both classy restaurants and traditional thrift stores. Parkhill is an upscale region. It has elegant buildings which demonstrate its affluence. Marda Loop is famous for hosting the Mardi Gras Street Festival. It is highly sought after by shoppers searching for a bargain. Kensington is also a shopping hub with a more laid back feel.

After shopping, relax in a nearby coffee shop. Every sip is an indulgence! Inglewood is at the top of the list for most travelers. Though it may not appear as modern as the rest of the city, it has its standard of cool. Quirky shops, art galleries, and antique stores litter every corner. Both Beltline and 17th Avenue host wild parties. This area is more refined than the nightlife of Inglewood.

Visit Calgary, where each neighborhood invites you to experience a new culture!

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