Bahrain is a country on the western shores of the Persian Gulf in the Middle EastSaudi Arabia is to the west. Iran is north across the Persian Gulf. Qatar is southeast across the Gulf of Bahrain.

Bahrain was a place of birth for Dilmun, one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Since ancient times and until the 19th century, the country was famous internationally for its pearl fisheries, which were considered the best in the world.

Bahrain has become a favorite haunt among tourists. This newfound popularity is because of the country’s status as a modern Arabian Gulf state. It maintains diverse economic status, unlike its neighbors who rely mainly on oil for economic growth. Bahrain was the first country in the Persian Gulf to build a post-oil economy. Since the late 20th century, the country has been investing in tourism and banking industries, and successfully.

English is widely used here, thanks to Britain’s long years of occupation. Among the Middle Eastern nations, it has both the best education and health systems.

The official currency is Dinar. The approximate exchange rate is BHD0, 38 to US$1. Currency exchange is available at the airport, most hotels, banks, and bureaus de change. Rates in bureaus de change are more preferable. All major credit cards are acceptable in hotels, major stores, and restaurants. Smaller facilities, on the other hand, prefer cash. ATMs are widely available in big cities. 

Taxis are multiple in the street, near hotels and at major tourist attractions. However, meters are not available and you should negotiate the price beforehand. Also, major international car hire companies operate in Bahrain through their representatives at the airport and big hotels. Roads are in good quality, signs are in English and Arabic. Cars drive on the right here. 

In Bahrain, they use electric sockets and plugs of type G. The standard voltage is 230V. 

Bahrain hosts around eight million of tourists every year. It combines the modern Arab culture with the archeological heritage of five thousand years. Also, bird watching, horse riding, and scuba diving are popular tourist activities in Bahrain. Since 2005, Manama, the country’s capital hosts an internationally famous Spring of Culture festival. It gathers musicians and artists from all over the world.

The most popular tourist spots in Bahrain are forts, including Qalat Al Bahrain – a World Heritage Site, the Bahrain National Museum (some artifacts are 9000 years old), Beit Al Quran museum. Al Khamis Mosque, Barbar temple (a temple from the ancient Dilmun civilization), the A’ali Burial Mounds and the Saar temple also attract many visitors. One more unique tourist attraction is the Tree of Life. It is a 400-years old tree, which grows in the Sakhir desert, without any water nearby.

You will find both archaeological treasures and historical museums in abundance!

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