The Bahamas comprises more than 700 islands, cays, and islets within the Lucayan Archipelago. The Bahamas lies in the north of both Cuba and Hispaniola. The country is southeast of the US state of Florida. It is east of the Florida Keys. It is northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Bahamas was Columbus’ first landfall in the New World in 1492. In 1718 it became a British colony. Since 1973 it is an independent member of the Commonwealth. The official language in the Bahamas is English. The Bahamas is, regarding gross domestic product per capita, one of the richest countries in the Americas (after the USA and Canada).

The official currency is Bahamian Dollar. It has parity with the US Dollar, which is also acceptable in the country. However, if you need to exchange some other currency, you can do it in banks, bureaus de change, and hotels. You can use all major credit cards here and ATMs are available on the major islands in airport terminals, at banks, casinos and other tourist locations. 

Taxis are multiple and reasonably priced. However, if you want to hire a car, you can do it at the airports in Nassau and Freeport. You need to be over 21 to do that. Also, you can rent a motor scooter, but remember to wear a helmet.

The electric sockets and plugs are of types A and B here. Also, the standard voltage is 120V. So, you don’t need an adapter, if you come from the USA. 

The Bahamian culture is rich with folklore, traditions, beliefs, and legends. Street parades and carnivals are very popular there. For example, Junkanoo is one of the traditional street parades, held every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, which includes music, dancing, and art.
The Bahamians also have a rich heritage of poetry, short stories, plays and other literary works. Storytelling is one of the most significant traditions of the country. National cuisine of the Bahamas has been influenced by Caribbean, African and European cuisines.

Tourism drives the country’s economy. It accounts for 60 percent of its gross domestic product. It also provides jobs to more than 50 percent of the nation’s workforce. One of the most famous attractions found here is the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island.

In fact, it is the longest underwater cave system in the world. Another popular destination is Dean’s Blue Hole. It is West of Clarence Town, on Long Island. Dean’s Blue Hole is considered the deepest blue hole in the world. Divers can plunge a stunning 202 meters into the water.

Travel to the Bahamas in February through April. However, both November and December are also great months to plan a visit. You will both see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and also have the chance to experience why it remains a popular tourist destination! If you’re considering the Caribbean, the Bahamas is the place to visit!

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