Aruba is a constituent country belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is in the southern Caribbean Sea. Its capital is Oranjestad. The island country is located very close to the north coast of Venezuela. It measures 32 kilometers (20 mi) long from its northwestern end to its southeastern end. It is 10 kilometers (6 mi) across at its widest point.

The official languages in Aruba are Dutch and, since 2003, Papiamento. The second is a predominant language among the population of the island. Papiamento includes words from Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and West African languages. Many people know English, due to the development of tourism industry.

The official currency is Aruban Florin. The approximate exchange rate is 1, 81 florins for US$1. Currency exchange is available in banks. However, US Dollars are widely accepted, so you don’t need to change them. Also, many shops and hotels accept credit cards and ATMs are widely available. 

Taxis are plentiful, but they have no meters. So, you should negotiate the price beforehand. There is no need to tip taxi drivers, except for help with unusually heavy luggage. However, to explore the island, it is better to hire a car or a jeep. The road system throughout the island is very good. There are plenty of options available for hire, but you need to be over 21 (in some cases – over 25). 

In Aruba, they use electric sockets of types A and B, so you don’t need an adapter if you come from the USA. The standard voltage is 120V.

Tourism, in fact, forms three-quarters of the Aruban gross national product. The significant number of tourists comes from the United States, the Netherlands and South America (mostly, from Venezuela and Colombia). Although Aruba belongs to the Netherlands, it has its own currency – Aruban Florins. However, you can easily exchange both US dollars and Euros in the local banks.

Aruba is one of the four countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Aruba has a fascinating climate which differs from much of the Caribbean region. The weather is both warm and dry here. The landscape is arid. It is also strewn with cactus. This climate has helped tourism to flourish. The island is outside Hurricane Alley, and one can reliably expect warm and sunny weather year-round.

Aruba is flat with an abundance of beautiful beaches. It has white sandy beaches on both the western and southern coasts of the island. Tourists flock to these coasts all year long.  However, the sea batters both the northern and eastern shores. Because of this, these beaches are often untouched. If you’re looking for a different kind of beach, with stunning, arid climate, be sure to visit Aruba! You’ll find out what makes it a favorite tourist destination, and enjoy its unique year-round summer!

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