A land of deep sea breezes. Morocco is nestled between the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic. It has one of the gorgeous coastlines. It is an African country which attracts tourists. Don’t mistake it for being a cheap destination, though. Before traveling to Morocco, you need to know some tips. It will help you while you are on your trip.


We said you not to mistake Morocco being a cheap country. It is not as expensive as Paris or Fiji but is costly than Macedonia or Greece. Tourism flourishes in Morocco. евро-2-монета-валюты-европа_PD But if you are buying something from smaller shops, have some cash. Not all stores here accept cash. The ATMs are unreliable. They run out of cash very fast. So, whenever you exchange, do it in loads. Heaven knows when you will get another chance.


No matter where you travel, this tip will help you. Whenever you try to buy from a local vendor, don’t give the quoted money. You will always be in loss. Try to lower the price by haggling. You can even get the good in twenty-five percent of the quoted money. Trust yourself to do the job. Do not trust the tour guides.


They might say they are helping you lower the price but in truth have dealings with the shop keeper. Cab drivers might also demand more money from you. Just give them the required fare and walk away. Tourism is the line of the economy here. Locals want to earn more out of it. But you should never get fooled.


Morocco is a Muslim country. You will find that all shops and hotels are mainly closed on Fridays. They take leave on a holy day. Whenever you visit, plan it ahead of time. So that, you don’t find it difficult to find hotels.


There are Muslim holidays all throughout the year. Check the national calendar and arrange your date. You might reach on Eid-al-Adha. Let us warn you; you will not like that sight. Keep in mind Fridays and Holidays and you will be okay. Your trip can go smoothly.


Languages are a medium of communication between people. You can get around easily if you know the native language. Many of us are don’t know a single word of Arabic. You can learn some important phrases required for you on the trip.


Eg- Hello is called Salam a leikum, No thank you is called La Shokran. If you are in the major cities of Morocco English will help you. But if you are in rural areas you need to learn a bit Arabic. It will come in handy.


As mentioned earlier tourism is a central part of the economy in Morocco. The tourists spend a lot here. When you are hiring a cab, or you are in a restaurant, you need to have “change”. It is important because if you give morocco-rabat-sea-beach-capital_PDthe drivers total cash, they might not return it to you.

A standard cab drive costs roughly around 30 Dirhams. Keep that amount of change with you. In hotels, you can tip from 1-5 DH according to the service. But bear in mind to spend all the change before you head home. The change cannot be exchanged. You need to be wise about the amount of change you want to make. Because you have to spend all of it.


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