Moving abroad is most definitely an exciting time in your life. However, it can also cause an enormous amount of stress. There will be loose ends to tie up, deadlines to meet, and of course, you’ll have to ship over some of your valuable possessions to your new location.

You’ll need to ensure that relocating suits your lifestyle and of course, you’ll need to do whatever it takes to fit into your new surroundings. All of this can be difficult, especially when you’re looking to live and earn money in your new country.

To help you get through this tricky, yet exciting period, we’ve come up with an essential guide, just for you! 

Make Prior Visits 

It may seem like the most obvious point. However, you should always try to arrange a visit to the country before you actually make a move there. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of taking the leap and moving to a country which seems appealing. Without visiting the place itself, how do you truly know what it’s like to live there?


By visiting the country for a short period beforehand, you’ll get an opportunity to experience the country and get familiar with your surroundings and discover whether you feel at home and still have the same level of excitement at the prospect of moving.

This can ultimately help you feel at home once you’re there. Visiting can also help you decide between two different locations if you must choose.

Do Your Research

Research is something that should be thoroughly conducted before your move. It shouldn’t be just for activities or careers in that country, but you should do some extensive research to see if there are any legal requirements before you move.

For example, in Britain, before you move and in certain circumstances, you’ll need to apply for a UK visa. In fact, in today’s global political climate, you’ll most likely need a visa for anywhere you may want to go. Do your homework.


The visa application process is not as simple as it may look online. For most countries, there will be a significant wait time. Use the internet to research as much as possible, as you’ll need to be aware of everything legally before your move.


We understand that learning a whole new language can be extremely difficult. However, when you are living in a country, it is imperative that you have an understanding of its language.

Learn the Language before you move

Getting an initial grasp of the language will help you pick up the basics and any phrases which are important to know. This, in turn, will help you fit in, feel a lot more comfortable and also ensure that you’re confident in your new surroundings.

Friends & Family 

When it comes to moving abroad, it would certainly be much more ideal if you could move to the country with your close friends or family. However, this is rarely a possibility. Have a look at your friend’s list and see if there are any friends or family in that country that can help you adjust to your new location.

In the modern era, some websites help you get in touch with old friends and family, and you never know – your old friend from school or your distant cousin may actually reside in the country_PD

Your friends or family can be very helpful if you end up feeling slightly homesick. Having a support network of family and friends will give you a taste of what it was like to be at home, should you start missing the culture, foods or general ways you used to live.


As there is so much to do, it can feel impossible to relax. However, you’ll need to ensure you do. Take a break from the forms and just relax and explore. Instead of worrying about how you will fit in, try thinking about how you will be able to experience new things and be able to find out new things about yourself.

A Girl Chilling in Hammock_PD

Make your preparations as clear as possible and have a clear mind about what your goals and aspirations are for the next step of your life. Don’t rush and just ensure that you have everything covered for the next steps in your exciting journey.

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