Going outside works wonders for our body, we are all aware of that. But let’s talk about what it does for our mind. I’m sure we are all aware of how everyone is talking about the outside world these days and the magic it works for our growth and development – both physical and mental.

There are, of course, a large number of ways how your brain improves when you are more open to fresh air and a natural environment, but we will be discussing memory and focus, mainly.

Improve Memory and Focus

We all know indoor games, activities, and exercises that help in improving our memory and concentration, but you should be aware that these two traits can easily be enhanced if you become more perceptive to life in the outside world as well.

Let us talk about the activities which will help you out and how they can do so:


1. Walking in Nature

So, let us begin with the basics. Can a simple walk in a park or around your block help you out? Of course, it can. Walking in a natural environment can be considered a form of meditation. You find it easy to block out the world around you and focus solely on your thoughts.

You can clear out any unnecessary concerns from your mind and start organizing things that truly matter in your brain. One of the reasons why we struggle with memory issues is that we lose some critical ones in the plethora of unwanted thoughts that we have accumulated.

Once you can empty your mind of thoughts that do not matter, you will realize that there are some critical things that you need to work on. Losing junk thoughts will also help you improve your focus on the things that matter.

You can make walks a daily or weekly thing then and use that time to contemplate the world around you. The natural beauty around you will also calm your anxiety and stress which will further enable you to think clearly.

travel snow walk

2. Team Sports

Many of us assume that playing team sports for fun or in leagues is for knuckleheads alone. This concept is far from the truth because team sports require a lot more focus than individual sports.

Not only do you have to be wary of your movement and actions during the game, but you also need to be aware of what your team is doing as well. Working in complete coordination with your group requires a lot of focus which exercises your mind and body both.

The chances are that you are not only going to be playing the sport once but many times. So you must always remember the movements and the coordination you have learned.

It eventually becomes reflexive when you play with the same team for a long time but not before giving your brain the workout it needs!

team sports

3. Outdoor Memory Games

When we think of memory games, we usually think about sitting in a friend’s living room with a memory board game or a card game or something of that sort.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could play memory games outside so that we benefit from nature while working on our focus and memory?

One game we have in mind is collecting a couple of things from your surroundings, like twigs and stones and flowers. Then, show them to the participants and blindfold them.

Remove an item or two, open their blindfold, and ask them to guess what the missing thing is. You can play this game at various difficulty levels.

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4. Gardening

Gardening is very beneficial for therapeutic reasons, and many people practice it to remain calm and composed. However, without truly focusing on your garden’s needs, all your hard work will go down the drain.

You plant seeds, and to nurture them into a healthy plant, you must remember to take care of them every day. Some plants also have specific needs which you must keep in mind as well.

Also, you need to focus on how everything is growing so that if there are any anomalies, you notice right away.Gardening is not an easy job, and it can be an excellent exercise for the mind and body.


5. Yoga

Yoga can be an indoor or an outdoors venture, but you must have noticed flourishing Yogis take their practice to the outside world.

They practice their skill outside because it makes them more confident in their art. Other than that, practicing Yoga outside also improves its meditative benefits.

Many Yogis also believe that they can absorb the chakra from nearby life forms such as plants and trees when they are practicing Yoga, and that is why they choose to do it outside.

yoga pose

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6. Road Trips

We lose our concentration and memory the more stressed out we are. So to relieve that stress, why not go out on a fantastic road trip?

It could be a wonderful vacation where you could be surrounded by nature all the time. You can find some time to get rid of additional concerns and go with the flow.

When you get back home, you will notice that you remember things better than before and you concentrate on things better than before as well.

road trip

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