Thinking of climbing to the highest point in Africa? We have identified some 10 rules that will assist you to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with ease and enjoy the success you’re searching for. Take note of these tips on how to climb Kilimanjaro as you make plans.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an exciting adventure especially if you’re into outdoor activities. Just know that by the time you reach its peak, you’ll be at the highest point in Africa.

Therefore, congratulations are in order for even considering making this trip. Although it’s not a very difficult climb, succeeding can be a tricky affair.

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There are some factors to consider such as knowing how to climb Kilimanjaro or being familiar with the Kilimanjaro climbing season which is essential to success.

We have identified 10 rules to help you succeed in your climb:

1. Train to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

You’ll need to do some exercise to climb Kilimanjaro. It’s not something you wake up and just decide to do. It takes quite a lot of prepping and training to climb Kilimanjaro.

One thing you’ll have to do for a month or two just to be safe is some training exercises. You can go on hikes or do lots of gym. Having the know how to climb Kilimanjaro will be futile if you’re not fit.

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2. Kilimanjaro Climbing Season

Did you know that there’s a Kilimanjaro climbing season? Yes, like other similar places on earth, there are specific suitable times to make such trips. Kilimanjaro has two favorable climbing seasons – January to March, and June to October.

Before traveling, find out the best time to climb Kilimanjaro and check weather alerts. The information is crucial for both your survival and successfully reaching the summit.

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3. Find Your Best Route to Climb Kilimanjaro

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Decide on the most suitable route to take. The best route to climb Kilimanjaro, especially if you’re not a skilled climber is the one that takes around 8 days to reach the top.

There are shorter routes, but when it comes to mountain climbing, the trick is always to take the long route. Well, you get to adjust to the increasing altitude with ease.

4. Get the Right Gear

Knowing how to climb Kilimanjaro to the top is a skill that takes patience, and you’ll need all the help you can get. One way to get help is by getting the right gear.

They are essential because they help keep you safe. Get the appropriate waterproof boots, warm clothing including socks – it gets freezing, trekking poles, sunscreen and a hat among others.

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5. Pack Power Food

There’s a lot of planning and preparation before climbing Kilimanjaro. One thing you’ll definitely need to plan for is food.

You’ll need all the energy you can get to conquer the climb. Carry snacks especially energy bars. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a part of your climb.

You’ll have the guiding team carry and prepare meals for you.

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6. Stay Hydrated During the Climb

Mastering how to climb Kilimanjaro is all about knowing how to handle your body throughout the climbing process.

Just as you’ll need energy, the body will also need to stay hydrated during the trip. To successfully reach the top without developing complications from dehydration, you’ll need to consume at least 3 liters of water.

Add energy bars to the water if you’re having a hard time drinking it.

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7. Get a Tour Guide and Porter

Part of knowing how to climb Kilimanjaro is realizing that it is a new terrain and you’ll need a tour guide.

It’s not a one-person climb; therefore, you’ll have to get a tour guide or two and three or so porters to help with the luggage.

Remember, you’ll be carrying a tent, beddings, water and other cooking supplies which you can’t do solo and still make it to the top.

Most guides speak fluent English while porters have a better hold of Swahili though they can still understand some English.

8. Have a Budget

What does preparing to climb Kilimanjaro entail? Prepping food, water, gear, and training, among others.

However, all of the above, the quality of your climb is significantly affected by your ability to access cash. You can obtain quality services to make your trip successful and offer a worthwhile experience.

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9. Get a Medical Check-Up Done

You have a few days to climb Kilimanjaro left. Everything is in order, but chances are you’ve left out this crucial rule. You assume you’re fit because of the training you’ve been doing, but that is not enough.

Have a medical checkup done to give you a clean bill of health. It can stand between you and your success climbing Kilimanjaro.

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10. Believe in Yourself

What’s the point of climbing Kilimanjaro if you don’t believe you can? Determination and just believing in yourself is key to succeeding this long climb. Knowing how to climb Kilimanjaro is a plus, but without any resolution, chances are you won’t reach the top.

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Several Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions have been a success. Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the same. We have identified some 10 rules to help you climb to the highest point in Africa with ease. The details are in the planning and preparation. What other rules do you have? Kindly share them with us.

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