Vancouver is a Canadian city that you may never want to leave after your visit. It is one of the most liveable cities that you will ever come across. The city was not popular among tourists until the end of the Twentieth Century. After it had hosted the Expo 86 World’s Fair, it was everywhere in the headlines.

Since then, people have started taking notice. Currently, it is a lovely city sought out by many visitors. You can geographically map out the city into the City Center, the Westside, and the Eastside. The city has an interesting feature called the ‘False Creek.’ The Creek is a small inlet of water that separates downtown from the rest of the city. 

Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia

On the north side of the False Creek is the City Center. This section of the city has an array of options to keep you entertained. You can book pleasant hotel rooms, or visit major landmarks. Yaletown and False Creek are areas which have been renovated with an urban touch.

The gorgeous view of the False Creek is a must see. Granville Island is a heart-stopping place for a shopaholic. You can engross yourself in shopping at the chic boutiques and elegant shopping chains here. Stanley Park is a favorite among the tourists. There you can have a beach day, relish something delicious and improve your wardrobe all on the same day. Plus, you can walk around the Main Street and enter some delightful lush gardens. 

The international airport at Vancouver is where all the international flights depart and land. The public transit system is helpful in getting around. Plus, you can cycle on the streets of Vancouver and enjoy the scenery of the city. Furthermore, taxis and limousines are available for hire. To cross the False Creek, you will most likely use a Ferry.

Vancouver is such a place where you could ski and sunbathe at the beach almost at the same time. The artistic galleries portray stunning art that nearly rivals the natural beauty. For example, the Vancouver Art Gallery displays pieces of genius from artist Emily Carr. It is a pleasant city with a warm atmosphere. We are sure you will love the cherry blossoms!

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