Utah is home to the famous Salt Lake City. Idaho and Wyoming are to the north and Arizona to the south. Nevada and Colorado are neighbors of Utah to the west and east. Welcome to the beautiful southwest region of the United States.

The centuries-old buildings throughout the state are full of history. And for a contrast, you can also check out the modern skyscrapers and diverse scenery, including snowy mountains, and rugged canyons.

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Four corners is an important geographical point where four states including New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah converge. The Great Salt Lake is the symbol of the state; you can sail there in all seasons.

Utah is a former host of Winter Olympics. Consequently, it offers a variety of winter sports. The perfect hotspot for skiing is Park City, which organized the majority of winter sports during the Olympics. Utah not only offers winter sports but during summers you can visit summer resorts in Bear Lake.


Wasatch Front is a region in the northern head of the state. It is densely populated since the capital, Salt Lake City, is in this region. West of the Wasatch Front is a secluded terrain. It is the perfect place to go offbeat and explore the raw beauty of nature.

The western region is the land of golden sands. It is practically a desert area with mining towns sprinkled throughout. There are places on this earth that seem to be alien, and Utah is one such place. Moreover, it is the Canyon Country in this state that makes it so unique. The spectacular, tranquil atmosphere coupled with the pristine landscape of deserts is a spectacle for all to see.

Central Utah has rich and fertile land, which makes it suitable for agricultural purposes. A little southwest is Dixie, characterized by a homogenous mixture of wilderness, farmlands, and lush forests. Logan, Price, Provo, and Cedar City are cities with recognized universities.

Ogden, in the north, has many destinations where you can go skiing. While you are there, do not miss out on George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. Moab, in the southeast, has numerous national parks including Canyonlands, Arches, and Dead Horse Point State Park. St. George is a popular city located very near Nevada and its famous Las Vegas city.


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