Tianjin is a busy metropolis in northern China. Ancient culture and modern amenities come together to build one of the largest cities in the nation. May it be taking a ride on a ferry on Hai River or hopping on the giant Ferris wheel (the Tianjin Eye), Tianjin has everything that a modern tourist can ask.

Things To Do In Tianjin

Fifth Avenue defines the essence of Tianjin. Several forms of art and a wide variety of culture are represented in the buildings of Fifth Avenue, which range from Gothic to Romantic architecture.

Tianjin Eye

The Tianjin Eye (Ferris Wheel) rests over the Yongle Bridge, giving a bird’s eye view of the city to anyone who rides. If you want to avoid massive lines, then book a VIP Ticket.

Across the river is ‘Italian Town’ which has chic bars, international restaurants, shopping and pedestrian streets.

For a taste of Tianjin’s culture, the Dabei Monastery is your best choice. The Monastery is just 2 km from the Tianjin North Railway Station.

If you want to explore the city for free, then check out Drum Tower, a Cruise on the Hai River, or the Tianjin Museum.


You can fly directly into Tianjin Binhai International Airport or travel to Beijing first. High-speed trains will take you from the Beijing international airport to Tianjin. Plus, if you fly into Tianjin, there are airport shuttle buses that bring you from the airport to your hotel which cost less than $35.


Tianjin has an extreme climate. When it is hot, it is too hot and humid, and when it is cold it is too cold and dry. Autumn and spring both have more moderate temperatures. Though sometimes during spring there are thunderstorms which can ruin your trip.

No matter when you visit, you will have to be prepared for the temperamental weather. 


The standard voltage is 220 V. American tourists will need a step up transformer for devices which do not work on dual voltage. However, the sockets are Type A and I, which are common in the U.S. as well. Therefore, American tourists should not need an adapter. Travelers from Europe will need power adapters. 

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