The dramatic name, the Twelve Apostles, befits the magnificent beauty of these limestone stacks. Twelve large limestone rock formations once stood tall in the Bass Strait off the coast of southern Australia. Sadly, only eight stacks remain standing. These natural formations can be found near the Port Campbell National Park.


You can take a flight to Melbourne from any major international city. After reaching Melbourne, the Twelve Apostles is only 275 Kilometers west. If you want to experience the scenic drive along the vibrant Southern Ocean coastline, then simply hop in your car and take a four-hour road trip to the Twelve Apostles. There are also V/Line bus services from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles, if you are unable to rent a car.


If you want a panoramic view of the stacks, we recommend you take a helicopter tour. During monsoons, a helicopter ride can be dangerous or impossible. Consequently, it is best to visit during the summer if you want to get an uncharted, once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the Twelve Apostles. Visit during dawn or dusk to avoid the crowds during the peak season (summer).


For those interested in budget accommodations, you can stay in hostels in both Port Campbell and Princetown. We recommend the 13th Apostle and the Port Campbell Hostel for cheap and clean accommodations. Anchors Port Campbell and Great Ocean Road Beachfront Hotel are both budget hotels with stunning views. There are also luxurious hotels like Southern Ocean Villas and the Grand Central B&B.


Apart from the breathtaking scenery on land, you can also take to the skies in a helicopter. Leading Edge Helicopters offers a tour that will take you to the London Bridge, Bay Islands, and the Twelve Apostles, which will only cost $80 per person.

Apollo Bay Aviation and Tiger Moth World also offer the same services but for longer routes.

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