Sao Paolo is an impressive city in the southeast of Brazil. There are many attributes of Sao Paolo that makes it a breathtaking and magnificent city. Sao Paolo is listed as an Alpha Global City. This title is bestowed upon cities that are considered to be influential in the global economy. Sao Paolo is also the most populous city in Brazil, South America, and the entire southern hemisphere.

Tourism is popular in Sao Paolo, and there is a booming culture for tourists to enjoy. While visiting Sao Paolo, you will have no shortage of places to visit. Several of the tallest buildings in Brazil are in Sao Paolo. These buildings include the Mirante do Vale, Edificio Italia, Banespa and North tower.

Museums are a popular tourist attraction as well. The city is practically a museum in the open air itself. The iconic Ipiranga Museum and the Museum of Immigration are famous locations.

The Memorial da América Latina, located on 78 thousand m2, is a showcase of Latin American countries and their cultures. Also, the MASP has one of the world’s most important collections of European art. The collection covers Italian and French painting schools. And the headquarters of the state government hosts the collection of Brazilian art. Museu da Imagem e do Som (Image and Sound Museum) preserves music, cinema, photography and graphical arts.

Of course, such country as Brazil just has to have a Museum of Football. It is situated at the famous soccer stadium Paulo Machado de Carvalho. It shows the history of soccer in the country and offers fun, interactive activities.

However, if it is the high culture you seek, then you will enjoy a visit to the renowned Sao Paolo Municipal Theater/Opera House. Or choose another theater. Many historians believe that the first theater performance took place in Sao Paolo. The district of Bixiga only hosts 30 theaters. For example, they are Renault, Zaccaro, Brigadeiro, Maria della Costa, Bibi Ferreira, Ruth Escobar, TBC, and Imprensa.

In addition to tourism, music and dancing are an integral part of the culture. After all, who doesn’t know Samba?

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