San Antonio is a treasure trove of fun activities. As tourists, everyone seeks to experience something exciting. In San Antonio, you will not have to wait around to find excitement. The Mexican and Spanish Heritage is reflected in the citizens. Plus, historic sites exist across the entire city. Festivals are fabulous parties where food, music and dancing occur up and down the streets.

In the central part of the city, public transport can help you get around. However, if you plan on visiting places outside Downtown, then you will want to hire a car. Traffic is not as annoying as in Houston, Texas. Thus, you will have no problem reaching your destination.

The Battle of the Alamo is a famous landmark in San Antonio’s history. The Alamo is the site of this historic battle. If you want to learn more about the battle that shaped the city, you can visit the Alamo and the accompanying museum. Jose Antonio was an influential statesman during the Texas Revolution, which eventually led to the famous Battle of the Alamo. His house is preserved as Casa Navarro State Historical Park.

Aztec on the River, the name undoubtedly sounds mysterious. The venue was a movie theater built in the beginning of the 20th century. It was rebuilt but closed again in 2012 due to financial issues. However, the bright side is that the theater was purchased in 2013 and will reopen, preserving its longstanding history.

German merchants initially settled the King William Historic area. Since then, it has become a center for cultural diversity in San Antonio. The stunning architecture of King William St. and Guenther St. promises to amaze all who visit.

Things to Do:

Every first Friday of the month booths crowd the streets of San Antonio; selling cute tokens of love, ranging from flowers to cupcakes.

The Zoological Garden and Aquarium are great spots to take children. Diverse ranges of terrestrial and aquatic animals wait to be seen.

Blue Star Contemporary Art Center and Museo Alameda are museums you must visit. Make sure you see the city during April when it is festival time. You can try delicious cuisines during the popular Oyster Bake Festival. In addition, you can enjoy family events and parties during this time of the year.

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