Just at 134 kilometers, southwest of Mauritius lies the magical destination, Reunion Islands, which was also known as Ȋle Bourbon. It abounds in volcanic scenery and the tropical climate makes it a beautiful getaway for travelers.

Note: Réunion Island (La Réunion) is an overseas department and region of the French Republic.

Things To Do In Reunion Islands

Sunset in Reunion Island_PD

Sunset view

Hiking is the Primary Activity

Reunion’s magnificent volcanic landscape makes it a paradise for hikers.

Grand Randonnèe

The Grand Randonnèe is the 130 km long trail from Saint-Denis to Saint Joseph and takes a week. Whereas the Grand Randonèe 1 is the shorter path that takes four days.

Le Cirque de Cilaos

Le Cirque de Cilaos is also another adventure mecca. The hike of Piton des Neiges is the most popular in Reunion.

For an exciting picnic day out go to La Cascade de Bras Rouge which is a trekking trail through the waterfall to Mafate.

Hiking in Hell

Bourg is also as exciting as the rest. There is also Furnace Peak which has a caldera, defining its volcanic origin. And the last but the greatest is the Piton des Neiges – it is the highest point on the island.

Lava Flow in Reunion Island_PD

Lava Flow in Reunion Island

Reunion is all about outdoor activities; there is so much to explore that travelers keep coming back again and again.

How To Get Here

The Roland Garros International Airport is in Saint-Denis which deals with flights especially from France and across the Indian Ocean.

And there is also the Pierrefonds International airport which is cheaper than the Roland Garros and receives flights from Mauritius. Ferry services run from both Madagascar and Mauritius to Reunion.


Road to Piton Of The Furnace Volcano_Reunion Island_PD

Road to Piton Of The Furnace Volcano, Reunion Island

Rent a car or arrange a guided tour. There is hardly any public transportation infrastructure. Road and driving conditions are manageable, relatively speaking.

Electricity & Plug Type

The standard Voltage in Reunion Islands is 220 V with a standard frequency of 50 Hz. Travelers with low voltage devices need a converter to avoid short circuits.

The socket type used here is Type E (three round pin). Plug C and Plug F fit into the socket, so you need a travel adapter that fits the Three round pins of Type E socket.

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