Pokhara, one of the most popular tourist place in Nepal, has numerous activities for anyone trekking into the Himalayan land. This gorgeous landscape is full of natural beauty.

View from Pokhara Nepal_PD

Lakes surrounded by vibrant forests and mountains makes it a delight for any nature lover.

You can reach Pokhara by using the bus services from Kathmandu or you can also take a taxi or private car.

Things To Do In Pokhara

Nepal is one of the richest countries in water resource. Due to the Himalayan glaciers and several lakes and rivers, there are plenty of opportunities for water adventures.

Fewa Lake

Fewa Lake_Pokhara_Nepal_PD

Fewa Lake is the most popular and pleasant spot. The snow clad mountains piercing the blue sky reflect on the crystal clear waters of the lake.

You can take a boat and sail along, watching the dense forests lining the lake.

Begnas Lake

Pokhara Lake_Nepal_PD

Begnas Lake is a peaceful spot where you can take a stroll. It’s a secluded place where you can hear nature’s unfiltered music and unpolluted sound.

Dipang Lake

lily_lotus flower_lake_PD

Dipang Lake has its very own defining feature. Lotus flowers are sprawled on top of the lake, while swans perch on the water. You can take gorgeous photos for your Instagram here.

Devi’s Fall

Rupa Lake and paddy fields_CCBYSA4.0

Photo by Chandrackd CC BY SA 4.0

Other water bodies are Devi’s Fall and Rupa Lake. These are less visited by tourists.

Shanti Stupa

Lastly, getting to the Shanti Stupa is a nerve-racking task, but you are going to be thrilled when you pave your way through Fewa Lake and Devi’s Fall. The mighty peaks of Dhaulagiri, Machapuchare, and Annapurna greet you at the top.

Fishtail_Machapuchare_in Annapurna_Nepal_PD

Machapuchare, one of the peaks in the Annapurna range

Adventure in Pokhara

Sunrise in Pokhara Nepal_PD

Pokhara has many adventures up its sleeves. You can take a bike and ride to Sarangkot or you could hike there. Whether you prefer biking or hiking, this will take you into an exhilarating scenery where you can see a wonderful sunset and sunrise.

Also, Pokhara can be your base for trekking into the Himalayas. For example, you can trek and explore the Mustang region.

Mustang Trek_Nepal_PD



You can open your wings up and Paraglide around the Annapurna mountains or Lake Pokhara. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Whitewater rafting on the gushing rivers of Nepal sounds like a plan!

Explore Caves in Pokhara

This small town is home to the mysterious caves of Chamare, Gupteswar, and Mahendra.

leaf-nosed-bats_in caves_PD

You never know what you will experience at every turn. A bat might greet you or you may find a secret passageway leading you underground.

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