Mozambique’s official name is the Republic of Mozambique. It is a country in Africa. The regions that border it are the Indian OceanTanzaniaMalawiZambiaZimbabweSwaziland and South Africa. The capital of the country is Maputo, which also happens to be its largest city. The area Mozambique covers comprises 801,600 km2, with a population of around 25 million people. The people of the country are the Mozambican.

The currency of the country is Mozambican Metical. The approximate exchange rate is 72 MZN for 1 US Dollar. Import and export of the local currency are prohibited, so it is better to exchange upon arrival. The currency exchange is available at the airports and banks. It is better to have US Dollars or South African Rands, as they are easier to exchange than other currencies. You can import the foreign currency in any amounts. However, the export is limited to the amount declared on arrival.

Credit cards are widely accepted in Maputo, but not much outside of the capital. Traveler’s cheques are not easy to cash and often require high commissions, so it is better to take cash or credit cards.

The electric sockets in the country are of types C, F and M (European and South African types). So, it is better to have a universal adapter on you. The voltage is 220V – 240V.

The official language used here is Portuguese. As Mozambique was a colony of Portugal in the past, the culture of Mozambique has experienced the heavy influence of the Portuguese culture. The majority of the people here adhere to Roman Catholicism. The same goes in the other direction as well, and Mozambique’s influence can be found in the culture of Portugal too.

Wood carving is a traditional art in Mozambique. Also, elaborate masks are one of the beauties of Mozambique’s culture.

You can hire a car in Maputo and Beira. However, it is better to get around by taxi, as driving in Mozambique can be risky. First of all, it is dangerous to drive at night, as most cars ride without headlights. Also, mines, although cleared from the main routes, can still be present in remote areas. And car-jacking is frequent too, so it is better to lock the car doors.

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