Southeast of Puerto Rico is the British territory of Montserrat. In its heydays, it was a famous resort island. The island has three parts: on the southeast is the Soufriere Hills Volcano Zone and then there is the Northern Zone, and Daytime Entry Zone.

Things To Do In Montserrat

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Montserrat has a single road that runs through the entire island. The road runs along the coast, and it is a joy to drive along the coast. Other than driving around, the popular Soufrière Hills Volcano of the island must not be missed.

Soufrière Hills Volcano

The Soufrière Hills volcano is an active, complex stratovolcano with many lava domes forming its summit on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. Many volcanoes in the Caribbean are named Soufrière. These include La Soufrière or Soufrière Saint Vincent on the island of Saint Vincent and La Grande Soufrière on Guadeloupe.

Observation Area

The Observation Area on the Jack on the Boy Hill and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory give you a glimpse of the once-prosperous resort mountain.

Little Bay

After watching the slopes shrouded in ashes, go to Little Bay. Contact the Montserrat Island Dive Centre which gives you an amazing underwater experience.

Many beaches help you to relax in the quiet atmosphere of the island.

How To Get Here

There is only one airport on the island, John A Osborne Airport. There are frequent flights from Antigua to the island. The flight hardly takes half an hour, but the view of the surrounding islands is stunning.

Best Time To Visit

The temperature variation is not great in Montserrat. An average of 30 degree Celsius is the temperature for year-round. Avoid visiting during July to November because it is the time when it rains in Montserrat.

The other times of the year, even though the temperature is high the cool breezes make up for the heat.

Electricity & Plug Type

The sockets of Type A and Type B work on the island of Montserrat. The voltage used is 230 V. Travelers need adapters like Plug A to fit in the flat pins of the sockets. Devices which work on low voltage need converters.

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