Montreal is a cultural enigma. You can look forward to visiting it, because it offers its visitors a great time. It is Canada’s second largest city, and the largest francophone city in the Americas. On the same note, Montreal also happens to be the third-largest French-speaking (as a mother language) city in the world, behind Kinshasa and Paris.

That said, around 12% of the population speak English as a mother language, and most Francophones are conversant in English to varying degrees of fluency.

Old Montreal has a heritage of colonial times. Old Montreal, Downtown, and the Plateau are the most visited areas in Montreal, as they have varied activities for visitors.

Though a large city, Montreal gives opportunities for outdoor life, and for watching the legendary Montréal Canadiens ice hockey team.

The island location of the city makes it open for many adventurous activities like Kayaking and Surfing. The city also hosts music festivals all throughout the year.

Depending on the season, you can engage in various adventures. In winters, you can do ice skating in Old port and during the summer, you can surf in Lasalle.

Cycling and walking are how you can take in the beauty of the islands.

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