Louisiana is a state in the south of the United States. It is bordered by Mississippi in the east, by Texas in the west, by Arkansas in the north and is washed by the Gulf of Mexico in the south. The capital of the state is Baton Rouge, but the largest city is New Orleans.

Louisiana has a strong multicultural and multilingual heritage, being historically influenced by French, Spanish, Native American, and African cultures.

Things to do in Louisiana

Louisiana is home to the biggest number of Native American tribes among all southern states. There has never been an official language in Louisiana. In addition, the state’s constitution guarantees “the right of the people to preserve, foster, and promote their respective historic, linguistic, and cultural origins”.

The state offers its visitors a wide variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to culinary experiments, from cultured cities to picturesque countryside. You’ll never get bored in Louisiana! It is called the Sportsmen’s Paradise for a reason. With year-round golf, hunting and numerous other outdoor activities, including thousands of biking and hiking trails and one of the country’s largest game preserves, you will see it too.

Louisiana is very careful in preserving its rich history and culture. Hundreds of historic and cultural sites and events prove that. You can feel it on a tour at the plantation, where the daily activities of the past are recreated. Or visit during Mardi Gras, when costumed riders parade.

The southern state has also a wide diversity of flora and fauna. It is a heaven for bird watching lovers, as Louisiana is a home to many rare and endangered species. Some typical examples of fauna presented in the region are ibis, egrets, various species of tree frogs and fish, such as sturgeon and paddlefish. Flora is evident by the many species of orchids and carnivores plants.

Many popular movies and shows were filmed in Louisiana, such as Interview With the Vampire, Steel Magnolias, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, True Blood, and so on.

The rich historical quarters and vibrant gardens make Louisiana a great place for visitors. A tourist can indulge himself in the century-old buildings as well as in jazz music. From galleries to churches, you will find everything that makes you happy here. Below are some things you can do in Louisiana.



Everyone around the world has come across the word Mardi Gras. It’s a festival that starts the week before Ash Wednesday. The entire city of New Orleans thrums with festivity during this period. You will be blinded by the shiny costumes used in parades. If you are young, wild and of course single then you should not miss the reckless fun.



Three centuries-old architecture reflects the medieval times of New Orleans. Tourists flock to this area for the history, food, and music. Walking along the sidewalks, you can gawk at the elegant buildings with wrought-iron balconies. Then you can sit at a charming café, listen to jazz music(if jazz is your thing). French Quarter is the sweet spot for tourists.



Image CreditWanderers can find inspiration in simple of things. RW Norton Art Gallery is a paradise for art lovers. A colorful blanket of azaleas will greet you when you first set your feet in the compound.

After that, you can browse through the popular collection of paintings from the seventeenth century. There is also a library, which has a unique collection of books. Books, paintings, and flowers- it is utter bliss.



Image CreditTwo to three centuries ago, Acadian people settled in the land of Louisiana. Vermilionville, Lafayette is just a small step to display the culture of Acadian settlers. It does not have only artifacts and objects at the display like standard museums.

What makes the museum unique is its lively nature. Exhibitions and performances are ways by which tourists are entertained and informed.



When traveling with family, Mardi Gras is not exactly something your whole family will enjoy. But if you want to give your kids a good, as well as a wise trip, take them to Shreveport.

It has the smartest science center in Louisiana. The SPACE DOME Planetarium is a quirky but brilliant way to indulge kids. Families traveling to Louisiana can visit this sci-fun center to view the IMAZ Dome theater. It can be a clever way of turning your trip into an educational errand.



Image CreditEvery avid reader and poetry lover knows H.W Longfellow (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow). His poem Evangeline revolves around the very Emmeline Labiche. She was the inspiration for the poem.

St. Martin Catholic Church in St Martinville is where you will find the grave of Emmeline Labiche. This Old Catholic church dates back to 1765. In the medieval ambiance of the churchyard, there is a statue of Evangeline.



Impressive and intimidating are the two adjectives that best describe the Old State Capitol building. It can be better designated as a castle. The castle looks majestic, resting on top of a hill.

Two towers guard either side of the building. Visitors can visit Baton Rouge and view the castle and political museum.

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