Lesotho is a high-altitude country in Africa, landlocked by South Africa from all direction. It’s an independent kingdom that abounds in vegetation, a network of rivers, and mountain ranges. For adventure seekers, it can be a top choice to spend your trip.

Lesotho is a country that used to be a British colony. It gained independence in the year 1966. The history of the country is peaceful. There have not been many wars here.

The people of Lesotho are friendly. They will help you out if you need something. It is the country with the highest average lowest point, approximately ~1000m.

Maseru is the capital city. It has an airport that can take you to any accessible region of the country. Afriski is the spot for ski enthusiasts during winters, while during the summer. it  offers mountain sports. You will love being on the back of a pony in Malealea, Semonkong.

Caving in the Kome caves near Maseru will give you a taste of Basotho culture.  Without hiking, adventure sports are incomplete. The Bokong Nature Reserve, downtown Maseru, and Sehlabathebe National Park have great hiking opportunities. Getting around in Lesotho is a bit difficult. The roads are not so smooth. If you are renting a car, drive carefully.

Like in all African countries, minibusses are a primary means of transports in this country. They are packed with people. Pay attention to the minibus’s destination before you get on one. English is spoken by locals. You can ask them all the details of where you want to go. They are welcoming. But you can use it only in urban areas. The interior areas of Lesotho use Xhosa and Zulu.

The temperature can be high during most of the year, but due to the altitude, in winter, you may experience a considerable amount of snowfall.


The official currency is Loti. The approximate exchange rate is LSL14.14 for US$1. Credit cards are acceptable, but not widely. There are also ATMs in main towns. However, they are unreliable and aren’t sure to accept international cards.

Getting Around

Buses and minibus taxis are good for short hops. You can hire cars in Maseru. You need permission from the car hire company to take any car over the border into Lesotho and have to pay a road tax. Cars drive on the left side of the road here. However, roads are not in a very good condition.

Where to Stay

Hotels are affordable. Just be warned that the service is not great. You might feel unsatisfied with the price you spend on hotels. If you want to save your money head to Lesotho Work for camps association. One night here costs LSL 30. So, If you are staying in the capital for more than one night register yourself with only LSL 50.


In Lesotho, they use electric sockets of type D, as in India. The standard voltage is 220V.


Lesotho is relatively safe as compared to other South African countries.

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