Iowa is the rustic paradise of the United States. The vibrant green fields and the warm atmosphere make it a beautiful place to visit. Iowa is one of the states in the Midwest. Iowa shares the border in the North with Minnesota. Wisconsin and Illinois are in the east. On the south and southwest are Missouri and Nebraska respectively.

Des Moines is considered as the largest city in the state regarding area as well as importance. It is different from the other parts of the state as it has an urban feel. Other metropolitan cities are Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls (University of Northern Iowa), Council Buffs, Iowa City (University of Iowa).

Where to Visit

Ames, Dubuque, and Sioux City are pleasant natural beauties for a quiet holiday. For some adventurous action, the Lewis and Clark trail winds through the Midwest, or Iowa Greta Lakes offer incredible chances for water sports. The Latter also has many classy resorts and fun parks for your entire family to enjoy.

Among the iconic landmarks is the Field of Dreams. It is here that the legendary film “ Field of Dreams” was shot. You can enter the stadium without any fees. RAGBRAI is an annual ride which takes place in Iowa. Every year cyclists from all over the nation come here and ride for seven days along the Mississippi and Missouri river.

Living History Farms is a unique museum. People from all age groups can find something new to learn at this interactive museum. The capital, Des Moines, organizes an Art Festival every year. You will enjoy the live performances as well as displayed art pieces around the city. The biggest of them all is the State Fair; here you can have a glimpse at the delicious cuisine and music scene of Iowa.

With the help of a car you can travel all throughout the state. Winters can pose a threat. But you can plan your trip ahead if you want to avoid road blockages.

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