Gushing water cascading down from the lofty heights makes Iguazu Falls one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. The location of the falls is ambiguous enough that three countries stake a claim to the impressive landmark.

But rather than disagree over the natural wonder, the three countries of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay are in perfect harmony. Maybe it is just the peaceful, calming effect of the falls taking over.

The Biggest Water Falls

The Iguaçu Falls are by some measures the biggest in the world, along with two other great waterfalls, the Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls. What sets Iguaçu apart is its width of about 2,700 meters which is almost as much as Niagara and Victoria Falls combined.

  • Iguacu Falls – widest waterfall with highest recorded water flow
  • Niagara Falls – highest average annual flow rate
  • Victoria Falls – slightly taller than Iguacu Falls at its highest point

Iguazu Falls – Things To Do

The majority of the waterfall is on the Argentinean side of the park. You will be awe-struck when you see billions of gallons of water pouring from the rock and covering the forests in misty droplets.

Circuito Inferior

Circuito Inferior is a beautiful trekking trail which leads you to the ferry services. For an overhead view of the falls, Circuito Superior is a viable option. Isla San Martin provides boat services during the dry season.

Scenic Train Ride

Another fun thing to do is a scenic train ride at Garganta del Diablo.

Sendero Macuco

For loners, Sendero Macuco takes you along a winding twisted path down the Iguazu Falls where you can swim.

Devil’s Throat

On the Brazilian side, Devil’s Throat gives you a panoramic view of the mighty waterfalls.

How To Get Here

There are three main ways to reach the falls: through the Argentinean side, through the Brazilian side, and through the Paraguayan side.

Foz do Iguaçu is your best option to reach the falls. This city is on the Brazilian side and offers easy access to the Iguazu Falls National Park through buses which only cost 3.20 Brazilian Reels.

The Ciudad del Este in Paraguay is a dangerous place; you should avoid entering the falls from this city.

On the other hand, Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinean side is a quaint town which offers numerous bus entries to the park for 100 Argentinean dollars.

Best Time To Visit

The post-winter months are August and September. During this period of the year, there is less humidity in the air, which curbs the rainfall. Consequently, this time of year is typically very dry. Plus, the temperatures are low, which makes exploring the falls easier.

Where To Stay

Booking a hotel inside the park is a smart decision. Even though it costs more than other hotels, staying inside the park gives you a lot of perks. For instance, the falls are within walking distance which will significantly reduce your spending on transportation.

There are hotels at both the Brazilian (Hotel das Cataratas) and Argentinean (Sheraton Internacional Iguazu Resort) side of the park.

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