“ The Smoke that Thunders” – a title very aptly given to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. It helped boost the tourism in the early 1990s. But in the 21st-century tourist numbers dropped, slowly the Vic Falls reclaimed its place in the Zimbabwe Tourism.


Victoria Falls also refers to the nearby town near the Waterfalls.It has an airport, called the Victoria Falls Airport. Flights from Johannesburg to the Vic Falls Airport run daily. If you want a typical Zimbabwean style entry to the Falls, take the train from Bulawayo to the falls. Cheap fare, stunning scenery, and time-saving make it a tempting option.


The rainy season brings out the glorious sight of Victoria Falls to a max. But the sprinkles from falls obscure the view. Summer season from April – October gradually reduces the water volume in the falls. But April is perfect, as the water is the right amount for you to see the rocky gorge as well as the fall. You can also take a swim in the Devil’s Pool, which becomes impossible in Rainy season.


Near Victoria Falls there are many opportunities both on land and water for adventure sports. Canoeing and white water rafting give a beautiful view of the wildlife amidst the flowing river. Those who want to sit back and relax take a cruise on the Zambezi River. Land activities include Bungee jumping, Bridge Tour, Canopy Tour, Safari tour. Aerial activities like helicopter rides give a panoramic view of the falls at a daunting price of $200.


For backpackers, cottages and hostels abound in every corner of the Victoria Falls. Savanna Lodge, Victoria Falls Backpackers, Reynards Cottages provide room for $50/ night. Other hotels at the same price but better facilities are Teak Lodge, Drifter Inn Victoria Falls.


American, Canadian tourists, need a voltage converter( step-down transformer) for their appliances because the voltage in Zimbabwe is 220- 240 V. And a plug adapter to fit the Type G and Type D helps your device fit the sockets.

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